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  1. And they are getting an election, the only problem is they won't get the right result so they are trying to discredit the democratic process.
  2. Except the stadia have been/are being reduced in size and capacity, or have been removed all together, and the athlete's accommodation is being sold off as housing.
  3. What do expect when you involve everyone in the negotiations except the disenfranchised population?
  4. If their lease for the poles has expired, and the poles serve other people's homes, then you could write to them and tell them to stop trespassing on your property. If the poles only serve your property, then you are stuck with them. They will offer to move them for around £6,000 each, at your cost. If you dig your heals in, then they will normally move them at their cost.
  5. In the lease, I would insist on a "lift and shift" clause, at their expense - essentially if you want it moved, then you provide another bit of land on your property, and they pay for the move. They normally agree to lift and shift clauses but at your expense, so you provide the land and then you pay for all the re-building. This will put them offbuilding it. If it was me, I would accept the price of my house, or at least start off at that price in any negotiations. I work with these companies on a daily basis, and they don't hesitate to rip off people on land agreements.
  6. "No such thing as society" reads completely differently in context.
  7. Don't tell Eratosthenes. He was busy measuring the circumference of the Earth a couple of hundred years before Christ. I get the impression the flat Earth idea is just a theological model, rather than a physical model.
  8. I must admit to being very green when I left university, I had driven lathes and mills and various other machine tools, but mechanical engineering is so broad, it would not be possible to gain knowledge of every aspect. In my ten year career I have never seen a press, and I never expect to. In my industry we use castings for enclosures and I work with those on a daily basis. What a good engineering degree gives you is the ability to go back to fundamentals and work on a problem you have never come across before. You would probably find that those Cambridge undergraduates would be able to crunch through many pages of maths and work out the minimum size of press needed for a particular panel. While you may be able to do this quicker using your experience, and you would probably do it better, if you come across something no one has ever done before, they would almost certainly have the edge. One of my more rewarding experiences was at a process plant which we were redeveloping. I was given the drawings and made a mathematical model of the works. I then sat down in front of the technicians, many of whom had been running the works for years, and listed out problems I had found, where tanks would over flow in specific conditions, or the process was compromised. At the begining the technicians were very sceptical, but when I had listed out all the problems they had been coping with, and suggested methods to resolves them, without every having seen any of these issues myself, they suddenly trusted me to work on their plant.
  9. Dyson claims to have made over 5000 prototypes of his vacuum cleaner, as if this is a good thing. I'm an engineer designing bespoke process plant. We get it right first time, we couldn't afford to do anything else. I always get the feeling that Dyson doesn't understand what engineering is, and feel slightly embarrassed he has put himself forward as an ambassador.
  10. I have two reasons for paying tradesmen, mechanics, etc. in cash. First, the cash flow problems detailed above. If someone is building me an extension, I want them to have as good a relationship with their suppliers as possible, and using cash which doesn't have to clear through a bank is a good way of helping this. I pay him on a Friday with cash, he then goes and pays his carpenter, bricklayer, plasterer etc. with the cash I've just given him. Second, most banks charge businesses for paying in cheques or using credit cards/debit cards - something like 2%. If I can save someone doing work for me 2% at no cost to me, then I will. I always get receipts for the works carried out, at which point I feel my moral obligations end.
  11. Tell that to archaeologists. They keep digging up green field sites and find them littered with the remains of previous built up areas.
  12. Social Identity Theory has shown how people form groups on the most spurious of reasons, and then will discriminate in favour of their own group, and against other groups (as shown in Tajfel's minimal groups experiment). By asking me this question, I have now been forced to form a person identity which includes "white, straight, male" where as previously I did not define myself in this manner, and did not discriminate against members outgroups. With my new identity, however, created as a result of your categorizations, I am now socially and psychologically programmed to discriminate against non-whites, homosexuals and females.
  13. 19.51 Gangs of racist thugs are sprinting through Enfield, Guardian journalist Paul Lewis has said. 20.05 UPDATED Guardian journalist Paul Lewis, who earlier tweeted about gangs of racist thugs sprinting through Enfield, says these people were actually vigilantes attempting to protect their shops. #Enfield Hertford Rd witness: "They're just blokes from the pub chasing a way the black kids that been causing the trouble." Not wanting to stereotype the socialist, lefty, lovey dovey Guardian or anything!
  14. Council houses are the last rental properties you can get in this country which you a tenancy as long as you keep paying your rent. It brings a level of dignity to those who are not able to afford to buy their own home. Taking away this assuraty in any form is not the act of a civilised country.
  15. http://ww2.prospects.ac.uk/p/types_of_job/primary_school_teacher_salary.jsp Primary school teacher salaries start at £21k and increase to £31k based on length of service. If you are any good, you can get up to £35k$ and for a head teacher, £55k. The pension is anout 2/3 index linked average salary. http://www.teacherspensions.co.uk/members/members1.htm So we have covered the good pay, prospects (i.e. headship), pension. I think the status is down to the individual - teachers are generally still thought of as professionals. The long hours are down to how effectively the teachers work. I have known teachers who get to school at 8am, leave at 6pm every day and don't take any work home with them, and they were excellent teachers! The same job opportunitites are open to women as for men. Women just have to take the opportunities!
  16. I typed in "scholarships for men in" And google predicted "scholarships for women in science scholarships for women in uk scholarships for women in business scholarships for women in engineering scholarships for women in developing countries" Although with Google saving so much information about you, I am now wondering what my wife has been searching for if only my computer shows this
  17. Working in an engineering field, I see all the scholarships, prizes, bursaries which are set up to encourage women, being a minority in the profession, to get into and stay in engineering. If they are marginally above average, they are completely fauned over. Knowing there are professions, such as primary school teacher, nurse, psychologist, etc. which are female dominated, I was curious to see the scholarships available to men to join these professions. So I typed into Google "scholarships for men in" Google's predictive searches were quite surprising. Could someone else check this before I post what I saw.
  18. For our first baby (8 weeks old now) we got a second hand British Racing Green Silver Cross pram, to match my British Racing Green Mark 2 Jaguar. Sadly I now need a British Racing Green transit to carry the pram from place to place.
  19. I graduated from Imperial College back in 2001. Graduates basically went one of two ways, either into the field of their degree, or into finance. Those who went into finance earned the big bucks (£50k starting salaries back then). These entering the same field as their degree were on significantly less. With these huge fees, I can see more people heading for the city on graduating, depriving industry and science of all the top graduates which the government keeps telling us we need.
  20. I have at last been persuaded to close my accounts with Lloyds TSB, after about 15 years. Todat I got my statement, which included a £5.00 overdraft usage fee for using my authorised overdraft. In addition there is £1.26 interest. I have phoned them, and apparently received a letter before Christmas telling me about this fee. I've got my statement, and worked out the equivalent interest rate I am now being charged for my overdraft - 127% !!!!! It's enough to make a loan shark blush! About six months ago, they cheesed me off, enough to check out the competition, and settle on Natwest. I didn't get around to changing, but now I think I will.
  21. Except the mortgage, which at 0% interest didn't need interest payments, and they didn't pay any capital payments either, bargain. This is the key point. If your mother can still live in the house, then I can't see a problem. The only downside is your inherritance is less than you expected, and I hope you aren't upsetting your mum because of your greed. On the other hand, if the loan is being called in by the bank, and your mum is loosing her home, then take the bank to court and I wish you the very best of luck.
  22. As apposed to £19,677 as the average salary for 2008 graduates who were in full time employment 6 months after graduating (Higher Education Statistics Agency). So an average graduate salary, and guaranteed employment for life, reasonable pension, opportunity to earn more in overtime and shift allowance, seems like a cracking deal to me.
  23. We just have to accept it, having the bomb was a sign you were a super power. Britain's time as a super power is coming to an end. It is expected we should give up the bomb (just as we are the only nation to give up the ability to launch satalites). We may call them third world, but the next lot of up and coming powers already have, or are developing their own independent nuclear weapons - Pakistan (why haven't we invaded them as that is where Al Quaida live?), Iran, Isreal (really a satelite of America), North Korea, India, China...
  24. Well put about the nature of this board and its posters now. Anyway, my assessment of affordability based on house prices and interest rates suggests affordability now is about normal, so it is not a surprise to see house prices are no longer going down. Interest rates have to rise for that to happen (which I think they will do inthe next couple of years). Anyway, all that the Halifax House Price Index tells you is what the Halifax Hosue Price Index is, you can believe it represents house prices or believe it doesn't but no need to get worked up about it.
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