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  1. Excuse me for being stupid but I thought one of the main reasons to buy a house was to start and raise a family. Try having 2 kids. The nursery fees are the same as ONE income in the majority of cases hence you nedd to afford to be able to buy a house on ONE INCOME! Guess I am being stupid the main reason to buy a house now is to fill it with Ikea designer tat and watch stupid makeover shows on your plasma.
  2. Well, Well Old Laurejohn is back and has promted me out of the lurking to reply! I would have to say that I agree wholeheartedly (never thought I would say that).
  3. Its just an anecdotal keep your hair on! Just as an aside my local EA has taken to sending out a mailing list of properties sold within 500m of the recipients post code - it includes the price they sold for and a link to the land registry. Very helpful as it lets me know the market is moving very slowly and the direction is downwards!
  4. Have noticed EA's windows in Bristol have started to fill their windows with "sold" properties, one in particular has a window display where every property displayed is "sold".
  5. 1. who said i was wealthy? 2. sold up 18 months ago 3.Stagnation? Depends on the area 4.Cut the aggresion - just pointing out an alternative way of looking at things
  6. agreed - hence my post: Its also easy to say that a HPC will occur as property is "unafordable" without taking into account huge regional and even local variations in earnings and prices. I have recently moved to Bristol and taken a 12K pay cut for the same job. House prices are very silly compared to wages here and I believe there will need to be big reductions to balence things out. However I also think certain areas of Bristol will fare much better than others ...
  7. Its also easy to say that a HPC will occur as property is "unafordable" without taking into account huge regional and even local variations in earnings and prices.
  8. Not likely - though I am a "realistic bear" and think this will be a long and protracted affair (unless there is an economic shock that sends rates rocketing).
  9. Neither will I, yet I do want to make the point that this site is getting increasingly selective in the information it choses to display and believe. I have posted anecdotals of places "selling" in Bristol and London within days and with numerous interested parties. It's not dead yet out there and family homes in particular with good shcools and transport access are still selling pretty well. PS houses will not crash by 50%
  10. I keep seing threads on the forum that state that houses are totally unafordable and couples would need x7 joint income based on average salary. This does kind of ignore the following circumstances: 1. Many couples that each have decent jobs have a combined income of well over 80K. Even in my immediate circle of friends this is a conservative estimate. 2. Many people have made a considerable amount of cash in property over the last decade and have six figure sums to put down on their next property as a result. Obviously this is not scientific and is largely based on personal knowledge of h
  11. see: I would guess if someone is banned its for not sticking to the forum rules and posting under many different user names, not engaing in debate and just posting for the sake of being a wind-up merchant. Paranoid I am guessing you are also Apolo and Demo and probably Londo Landlady (how else do you know they tried to register with a different name?)
  12. I also posted a thread about site etiquette - asking bulls or trolls to be humerous or preferably factual and back up their claims. This was also moved - Is this cencorship NO it was OFF TOPIC as in NOT contributing to the debate over house prices and was rightly moved. So has your thread - it's not been cencored just moved into the right area of the forum. Also I was criticised by several HPC posters as they believe any one has the right to post and say what they want (even if it is the same old time wasting, aggresive drivel) I would guess if someone is banned its for not sticking to th
  13. Just read the expats forum for more of these types - there are threads on there that go something like this: am off to Oz in 2 weeks and have had house on market for 6 months. Had an offer of 20K under - they then go on to say how they rejected it - how all viewers are scum that want something for nothing etc etc Vendors - ask yourself this - Is your own home now out of your price bracket- Has your house been on the market for over 6 months - have you had little interest - if the answer to 2 or more is YES your house is OVERPRICED - reduce it you noodlehead before it is swamped with others
  14. Really, I want to BUY the house I currently RENT that's interesting as it would cost around 220K, yet I rent it for £670 a month!! Why would I want to buy it when it would costs loads more? (on top of which my STR funds clear a nice portion of my rent allowing me to save even more each month). You will find many more in the same postion - pretty bad news for property developers (if thats what you are). FTB's priced out, homeowners maxed up to the hilt with debt and struggling to pay off what they already "own" preventing them from trading up and now a growing numbers of STR's that can see th
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