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  1. Talking about this with an old friend who worked for one of the big Utilities 20 years ago. He said you could dig down six feet before you hit water and had to bring in the pumps. In the same area it is now two feet. Rising water table, so the water has nowhere to go.. Edit: The wise man built his house upon the rocks
  2. We have been the victims of a postcode lottery for car insurance since I can remember, despite vehicle security improving to the point where cars have become nay on impossible to steal without the key. However, I have always expected my premiums to be proportionate to the 'pay out pot'. Over the last two years, my premiums have started to come down, as the insurance co's cannot backup their claims of higher crime for higher rates. Mother nature is a different animal which cannot be influenced. and the insurance contribution should be proportionate to the risk, otherwise you are consistently e
  3. Yes, and those assets they can't move, eg London have received millions to defend like the Thames Barrier. Sandbags for the rest..
  4. Next thing you know they'll be having a go at all of the poor gambling companies like William Hill, on every High Street but based in Alderney in the Channel Islands. The UK is just a cash cow. Edit: Remove quote
  5. Rented a room near City airport for 12 months, and was hospitalised 3 times after having allergic reactions to bites. Couldn't afford to move at the time and couldn't fumigate the room because I had to sleep in it. A local told me they didn't fumigate the planes landing as they had a quick turn around, and fumigating would ground them for too long. Don't know how true that was, but they came from somewhere.
  6. Once the market is saturated, will all the money shops disappear from the High Street as quickly as they popped up? Short term leases?
  7. Part of DSG Retail Ltd, so quite a broad footprint DSG Retail Ltd
  8. Why not plan towards electric lines as opposed to overhead cables? Surely much easier to install / maintain. Would this need new trains / adapt the old ones?
  9. Hence pacification measures such as extended Tesco promotions just before xmas. The new rations vouchers have bar codes, so they know how many bags of sugar you have
  10. Do they provide any information about data protection for personal information - how the data will be stored, who will have access to it etc?
  11. Or want to take on debt to give the pub trade a go.
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