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  1. I am of the same opinion as you. I have the Huawei G300, it is a google phone with a big enough screen and power for my requirements. I bought it direct from Vodafone for £80 and I am on a £10.50 a month sim only plan. I've rooted it and put on a custom software I've downloaded and it does pretty much everything I need. At some point I might buy a new handset, but until 4G really kicks off I don't see the point.
  2. I'm going to this one and if I wasn't I would be watching it on TV. The TV coverage given to the festival is probably a bit over the top from the BBC, but the cost for producing it certainly isn't expensive. I'm guessing the viewing figures for the headline acts will more than justify the BBC's presence at the festival alone.
  3. Do you really need outside space in a flat? Storage - large walk in wardrobes and utility room Utility room is where you put your washing machine, tumble dryer etc. Seriously - I'm amazed people aren't interested in a 110m2 2 bedroom flat. This is the sort of thing that needs to get built more in the UK
  4. Ignore the price on this one, but this is the type of flat we should be building in London. If we had more 120m2 2 bed flats built in London we could have more families living here. New build in Putney
  5. Link attached is a new one to me! I'd say it's a semi!
  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/10083214/Courts-may-be-privatised-to-save-Ministry-of-Justice-1bn.html Jobs for the boys I imagine...
  7. I did a driving holiday in Greece a few years ago. If you drive from Athens north into the mountains, across into the Penepolese via the Rio-Antirrio Bridge, across the Penepolese and then back into Athens via a multitude of newly formed tunnels that make the alps look like play things and you will realise where the money went - mile after mile of perfect tarmac that make the UK look 3rd world!
  8. As much as I dislike a lot of new houses, I do actually like open plan living rooms. When you have kids its ideal for you to be able to cook whilst keeping an eye on them and if you like to have dinner parties its nice to be able to be in the same room as your guests whilst preparing dinner. The secret to this style of living, though, is to have your washing machine and tumble dryer in a 'laundry'. Of course 99% of developers today forget this...
  9. To be honest I can believe that excuse. I have built and restored many a classic mini (hence the name) but when you have to take out the whole front headlight to access the bulbs in my old Fiat Punto I can understand why people get nervous about changing the bulbs
  10. Interesting spreadsheet thank you. For information I input a £275k property (mid price 1-bed in this area) with £220k mortgage (my personal circumstances) and input a rent of £1,400pcm (6% - typical for this area) and using a mortgage rate of 4%. it says I'm better to buy. Not sure whether this is true or not as it doen't allow for any additional costs for having to move when any babies join....
  11. Most skyscrapers are 'profitable' when 1/3 full, so only another 18 floors required to be occupied (how many does the hotel take?)
  12. 3-D printing of houses is already being experimented with. There was a Grand Designs on a 'Computer Cut House' (Series 12 Ep 2). This could revolutionalise house building with the delivery to site of raw materials and the builder 'printing' what they need.
  13. I've heard a lot of this. When speaking frankly to my landlady (we got on quite well) last year questioning why she was repainting our flat with us still in situ, she responded that she was undertaking a rennovation programme to offset profits on her portfolio (50+ in SW12, SW14, SW15, & SW18 - mainly bought in the late 90's & early 00's) due to the low interest rates (ie she was paying too much tax and wanted to use some if renovating)
  14. I disagree, £2k before bills for a couple is about right. Actually, I'd also argue that you would struggle to live in London and enjoy it (money for socialising, holidays, and a bit of saving) for less than £2k before bills.
  15. I have some friends in Perth who are reporting 'austerity' measures being the norm in companies (no paid evertime, expenses limited) and reports of a 9-day fortnight becoming the norm. It sounds like the mining is really declining and hitting things hard. My friends in Melbourne have had a 9-day fortnight for the past 6months.
  16. I'm sorry and families can't live in flats? Generally there isn't the space in London for new housing estates. London requires high density living, it has enough low density living.
  17. Just re-read this and I ddin't mean Battersea Heights, I meant Battersea Reach. ! But to start this off: - Osiers Gate - 275 - Riverside Quarter - 395 - Battersea Reach - 1,700 - Nightengale Apartments - ???? - Filaments - 450 - Queen Mary's Place - 350 -Ipsus07 - ???? - Langham Square - 175 Another one I missed off is the Hardwicks Square development which is around 150 units excluding IPSUS01 (100ish units). OK I might have been a bit over enthusiastic with the figures. but bearing in mind that's all within the past 5 years or so and within a 3 mile radius.
  18. I mean 10,000 'new homes' over the 8 developments. If I get the time I will dig out the numbers...
  19. I'm surprised by those maps as the areas that I know in London there are bucket loads of new builds going up. In Wandsworth within 3miles of each other (and off the top of my head) there are; -Osiers Gate development -Riverside Development -Battersea Heights -Nightingale Apartments -Filaments -Ipsus07 -Queen Mary's Place -Langham Square There must be a good 10,000+ flats being built there, and that's just from memory and not including a lot of the new ones planned on Upper Richmond Road Putney. I suspect some of the supply figures are being 'cooked' for some reason, not sure why tho
  20. £100k for owning a place for a year. Good work if you can get it... Oh, right, they haven't sold it yet!
  21. My girlfriend and I were offer 5x joint about a year ago, so has been the norm for a while now. We settled on 3x single much to the surprise of our mortgage adviser! PS I wouldn't talk too much about salaries round here, a £50k salary outside London can be quite enviable.
  22. I keep an eye on the market in some of the SW postcodes (SW4, SW12, SW11, SW14, SW15, SW18) and there is feck-all in the sub-£200k bracket. Even the £200-250k bracket is 'slim pickings'. It really is mental! But when you struggle to rent a shoe box flat near transport for less than £15k a year, this is a 6% yield (minus expenses) to BTL'r
  23. A good personal friend of mine who is terrible with money managed to accumulate £25k debt on credit cards alone before he was 23. This hit the fan and his parents paid the debt off for him and allowed him to pay it off monthly. I don't think there is a debt limit before 'they' cut you off, as long as you are making payments obviously.
  24. A good personal friend of mine who is terrible with money managed to accumulate £25k debt on credit cards alone before he was 23. This hit the fan and his parents paid the debt off for him and allowed him to pay it off monthly. I don't think there is a debt limit before 'they' cut you off, as long as you are making payments obviously.
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