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  1. PS I have stopped posting because it seems pointless if you only put half of my posts up and I have no idea whether a post will appear or not. I really don't mind - it's your site - I wuld have liked to join in the discussion but you have actually made it almost impossible for me. Was it my tongue in cheek signature which you took a dislike to? not sure. As I said before, I wish you all a very Happy Christmas break and that 2006 brings everything you could all possibly wish for. My prediction for 2006 (for what it's worth) is a rise of 4-6% (round here!)
  2. I'm not sure what the problem is - but I made 10 posts and none of them seemed to come up. That's why I made 2 very similar ones. about the engineering thing. Could you possibly confirm whether I can or cannot post in the main forum?
  3. Test Hmm - it seems this is the only part if the forum I am allowed to post in from today. I'm really not sure what I have done to upset the applecart this time - but whatever it was - i really am very sorry. Have a really nice Christmas everyone (or seasonal break) and I hope 2006 brings you everything you could possibly wish for. Adieu.
  4. I have an engineering degree but have not really used it at all.
  5. I did a Mechanical engineering degree and even though I worked in Engineering initially, I don't think I actually used more than 1% of what I learnt. I think that if someone has the ability to study for a degree, they are just as likely to succeed in life whetehr they do or do not have a degree.
  6. Ahem, might I be so bold as to suggest that someone is being a bit of a Troll? But surely not because............................
  7. Re the short selling - I suppose I'm thinking if you jack in your mortgage - you are selling your mortgage which is borrowed = so shorting the market. (a bit tenuous I know) Re the sig - Thanks. I would amend the where I come from too - but I'm not allowed to! It would save me from having to keep saying " round here - SW London, Wimbledon"
  8. Are you saying that property is not an investment? Are you saying that BTL LL's are not investing money in property? Are you saying that an STR is not shorting the property market??
  9. Some jobs require a degree, some do not. I would doubt if 50% of the jobs require a degree - which is the problem really - that someone with a degree will expect a "graduate" job - and be disappointed if they do not get one.
  10. Thanks - there's probably even more if you include SW20!!! The village & the Hill has masses - it's because the rents in the village are so high, it's now mainly EA's, restaurants, very expensive clothes shops, banks and charity shops. Ah but we love it here!
  11. My daughter is doing A levels (reluctantly) and she absolutely has no desire to go to uni. She says it is pointless unless you know what you want to do afterwards and she does not want to get saddled with a load of debt. She would rather get a job. If the Government's ambition is to get 50% of the population to go to uni - a degree is hardly going to have the same value as it did when (?don't know the figures) say 10% went.
  12. That does seem a lot! Does that include multiple offices/branches? Also, does it include the differerent areas (eg Southfields, Wimbledon Park, South Wimbledon, Raynes Park, Merton Park etc? Some agents have separate lettings & sales offices.
  13. Does any of this reatail "gloom" factor in the increase in on-line shopping?
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