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  1. Express Group were staunchly pro-vaxx - jab, jab . Straw in the wind time? A reader's comment of note: https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/1550686/covid-wuhan-lab-theory-coronavirus-china-professor-Angus-Dalgleish
  2. J.O'B -radio face with a voice + delivery guaranteeing immediate re-tune. Maybe he could text
  3. A legal document stated it was present. Amant then claimed it was error - publicity? Maybe not ****** , we now may never know
  4. Media ownership is a concern. Owned media may be and likely is, skewed. BBC a public? owned corp doesn't stop it being skewed from within or an arm of Government.
  5. I would not miss the BBC. I do not watch and as my radio just died, listen. I resent the involuntary tax on media consuption. What say you?
  6. We can't have them keeling over post -jab, people want to be thrilled and entertained by their performance.So exemptions should apply. In the US the postal service are exempted + Congress.
  7. I get the feeling from reading a few other left forums there's anger that Omicron is mild and could stop the fear and control culture that has built up. Obviously the ghastly BBC and MSM generally are of that view.
  8. There would be nothing to 'fall for' if current vaxx rollout were not most dangerous ever #realnotrare demo in DC Late last year = assembly of vaxx affected/injured. Must be something happening wouldn't you think?
  9. Pro sports people are usually planks, moreso than current crop of politicos
  10. I never ceased to be appalled.The US military disclosures that Ivermectin is kinda good blows away EUA's(In a universe far away) Meanwhile Humanity gets beaten over head with a stick forever
  11. I wasn't aware of Djokey's Charridee efforts expertise on Early Childhood Education (ECE). Oh dear, are we being played, is he a naive dupe? Narratives failing make for dangerous times
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