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  1. Nothing but a lie. Property prices have definitely sky rocketed with an average rise of 50% in 2006 but rental returns are very poor (hardly 2%). Copare this with the IRs on home loans which is about 10% (12% for fixed terms). There's a huge speculative bubble growing up in Delhi.
  2. People are losing money even today when media is telling us that house prices are rocketing. I have seen quite a few houses coming to the market at asking prices same as the prices they were sold at last year. Believe me there are many forced sellers and they are losing money even in this booming market.
  3. Sorry can't you see what's happening in the US? Has their dollar printing press broken down?
  4. Sorry how do you know they all have been sold for asking prices? An agreed sale usually appear on land registry figures 3 or 4 months later. How do you know what's going on in the market in the last couple of months.
  5. Having read so much about the HPI and HPC I have reached to just one conclusion, 'No one has any fu..ing clue why house prices are going up and why and when they will come down'. You can't read sheeple's mind. An HPC will happen, when, why and how, I don't know.
  6. And if they fell to 1994 level that would be fantastic
  7. That's what's happening around me, And I am defo witnessing a panic. 30% of properties in the market are offering NO CHAIN.
  8. Then I think you have a very limited knoweldge of the world ( and also economics)
  9. What great fool people are making of themselves here. Wages rises?? What about rising taxes, rising commodity prices etc.? I have noticed that taking taxes and general inflation (barring house price inflation) into account my wage growth has been negative in last couple of years. And I am a highly paid IT prof
  10. Prices around me (Birmingham/Solihull) did not go up at all in last two years. Similar houses selling for more or less for the same prices and many of them now offering fitted kitchen, fitted bathroom, wooden laminated floors etc. Activity definitely picked up around spring and early summer (may, june) but the market is completely dead in last one and half months. Heaven knows which part of the island prices are going up.
  11. So it looks like the return of 2004 now. One estate agent I know who was selling 10 to 15 properties per week until early summer this year has only sold 10 in last two months.
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