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  1. Hi all, Have been reading these forums for a while and am really hoping some of you may be able to impart some of your wisdom on our situation We are a young couple in our mid-twenties looking to buy our first home. We have a 10 percent deposit saved up and have our mortgage agreement in principle at the ready (as a result of unsuccessfully bidding for a repossession). We have lived around the Malone area for the past few years, paying a ridiculous amount in rent each month (£700). In an ideal world I would love to buy in this area of Belfast, it's where I grew up, but it's obviously quite a bit out of our price-range (might be forever). We are however very keen to get on the ladder, and realise our first home isn't going to be where we live forever. We really need somewhere which is a good investment, or at the very least, will hold its value while we build up our equity. There are two houses in Carrickfergus (detached, 4 bed, 2 reception room) which we would be very happy living in. We don't know Carrick terribly well, but feel its changed a lot in the past few years, with lots of nice restaurants/bars. And there's the work being done to widen the A5 which will make it a better commute. We would be offering 10 percent below RV on one house (10% below asking price), and 5% above RV on the other (10% below asking price). My concern is people's general perception of Carrickfergus, i.e. as a paramilitary stronghold. Has this changed much in recent years? The housing market there seems to move quickly enough which would persuade me to think that it has become a popular enough commuter town, in particular for young families. Any insight at all would be very much appreciated Thanks, Laura
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