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  1. Min wage - £6.50 a hour. Why on earth would I be expected to subsidise companies that can't generate more than that net per employee. Cheaper to pay benefits than run a bureaucracy to administer top ups to the staff of dud companies. Main advantage of low wages for the floor is high wages for the execs.
  2. How will the £££ used - no council tax due from affected households for xxx years? Doubt it. Big salaries for consultants on what to do with it..... And then it's gone.
  3. "Architecturally designed", as opposed to what.
  4. Prices seem to be trending up - in EDI anyway, going along with the wave of euphoria about the economy rising UK wide, plus some of the same props applying RUK. No 600k HTB, but the SCO Government has its own pokers in the HPI fire - The Sco HTB scheme seems to have made any family home new builds just shy of 400k. And as an equity loan on more favourable terms than the RUK one, I almost feel sad to miss out on it. But what about the referendum?? Is everyone assuming a ' No' and as such house buying is business as usual? Or more likely, no one is giving it much thought and so we will see a dip in the autumn? Or is the economy 'news' and HPI props conquering all?
  5. They vet the candidates - presume stage one is to look for the tattoo of MUG on the buyer's forehead.
  6. Link not working- basically the garage was ordered demolished by planning.
  7. Oh dear this did not end well
  8. Offers over 685k - sold for 705,885
  9. Honestly - 3 words in google - feel free to copy paste: "definition of country". Eg: http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20061121181335AA63kzK
  10. I think asking prices are up over the past few weeks. Seen some family home type props come on at 2007+ prices - all in tip top condition. Anything needing work is not ramping up the price though.
  11. Trumped in the end. Doubt he ever planned to build a course.
  12. Should consider themselves lucky - bankers spend millions excavating their basements and nature did theirs for nothing. Insurance will pay for the shore up, meaning the owner just needs to cover installing the pool and nanny suite.
  13. Scotland, Hungary, Iceland, Turkey - European countries to avoid investing in.
  14. Looks like these guys can't sell Looks like they are next door to the proposed to the development and can't sell despite 10k price cut. Helpfully, rightmove shows that local recent sales tend to be for less. So I could see why they are pissed, from a financial perspective. No one likes uncertainty with respect building noise, etc. Though if they want to sell price needs dropping. Would there still be green space if the development went ahead? Stacks - prob room for 100 more developments in the area of the same size to make it 60% urban. Railway - 2 miles away Airport - 2 miles Motorway - 3 miles If you were going to build anywhere, that location is ideal. I am amazed people are complaining. But they are. Basically no building anywhere is the default position for the Council. No wonder it's 250k for a crappy bungalow.
  15. Crammedin... with room for allotments, parks, cycleways etc. Looks like space for 50,000 houses and it would still ~25% green. High amenity area near an airport. What's not to like? Noise hasn't stopped Heathrow buyers. Few flights 11pm-7am anyway.
  16. So you say it's "not covering the hills" now. Just a small space. Please make up your mind.
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