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  1. Even Screwfix seems to be expensive and I have started using eBay more Recently I ordered a power tool now the same model nothing extra B&Q £359 Screwfix £249 Axminster Tools £192 Amazon £189 eBay £179 eBay Auction won for £128 ( its brand new pretty much used once or twice just sat in a workshop)
  2. Eldorado Gold had a good day up 16.8% The main aim is to reach an agreement in the coming weeks within the spirit of the arbitration ruling – Stathakis as quoted by the Greek energy ministry.
  3. Whats peoples view on Vodafone over the last few days its been down dropped below £2 "Vodafone chief bows out after ‘remarkable transformation" I know DYOR and have bought some over the past day or so
  4. Centrica was down nearly 6% yesterday Rick Haythornthwaite, who was appointed in January 2014, announced on Tuesday that he would step down within 12 months, at a time when British Gas and the other “big six” suppliers contend with intense political pressure over “rip-off” energy bills.
  5. Whilst the info he has posted here is great and certainly got me off my ass and putting money into different areas mostly miners for the minute but I would support a paid newsletter
  6. Was never a fan of paying by card or contactless but recently I opened a Monzo account as I like the idea of the app to see where and what I'm spending on automatically sorted into categories rather than tracking it manually, but I will always keep money outside of the bank in cash and have some cash on me for those times which the card starts playing up just like Natwest seem to have a regular issue with
  7. For me I have been simplifying my life a lot lately so will probably downsize and rent a smaller cheaper place and will be investing and diversifying more than worrying about housing Problem is I have spent the last 5+ years wanting to buy and only seeing government propping up prices with stupid schemes and my money doing nothing for me due to low-interest rates, Whilst seeing everyone around me get deeper and deeper into debt with loans, car leasing, credit cards and trying to look like there a success
  8. We had 2 family friends like this when i was a kid and as a kid thought they where so rich as kids do always on holidays, new cars, new kitchens, bathrooms always shopping Its only now that I'm in my 30's my family still see them now and again and they are in a bad way it turns out it was all debt and constantly taken equity out of the house so now they still have large mortgages as they never really paid it down just think of the interest they must paid over them years and on the credit cards
  9. Research shows painting your front door can actually help with a sale. There you go problem solved
  10. Thanks for the reply, Yeah I'm not going go to mad on miners but just spread some money across a few as more of a risky investment
  11. I been looking at a few different options to check data but i seem to find visual stuff better like when the data is made into graphs and stuff On this site if you scroll down you can see insider trading part if shares have been bought or sold over the last year with all the director and management info might need to sign up for free account https://simplywall.st/stocks/us/materials/nyse-auy/yamana-gold abit messy but here Again im still learning and taking notes just found it interesting
  12. Was just looking at Yamana gold Still just taking notes and learning but one thing i noticed was that pretty much everyone on there management team, directors and owners have been buying a lot of shares over the past few months Whats others views on this
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