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  1. Yes that is what I I was talking about, well they have got good ideas compared to the current "professional" politicians that we got in Italy, I might be wrong but they might be worth a try and see what will be able to do. I do not think that Beppe Grillo will be the next PM candidate in Italy, what he does he mainly advertise the movement. I am very interested to see what they'll be able to do in Parma ( the biggest city that in last local election the movimento 5 stelle was able to win) . for your reference this is the link to beppegrollo blog, prob is one of the most followed in Italy, is written as well in English and Japanese beside Italian.... http://www.beppegrillo.it/
  2. Well now the sentiment against him is changing a lot, people and even I we did personally liked him at the beginning, if you think about anything would have been better then Berlusconi, and for sure was a big change. However now the population sentiment is changing, there is a new party that has been recently created and I think is going to be a breaking point with the the traditional parties in my country. Will be interesting to see what is going to happen in the elections next year....
  3. Sorry if I did not translate the document originally, being a new member here I did not know how it works and what can be reported or not from published articles. I was shocked to read this yesterday, I think this in the Italian case is only the beginning, in June there is going to be the first payment of the IMU ( property tax was introduced by this new government) and really finally we'll see interesting things happening...
  4. Hi to everybody... I have been following this website now for 1 year plus and finally I have decided to post as well contributing to this forum. I would like to share with all of you those following 2 interesting articles published today on the Italian newspaper. Basically housing market in Italy in only 1 qtr crashed 20% in all major cities and is expecting to go down even more on the following ones http://www.ilfattoqu...enziali/268242/ http://www.repubblic...29_6_-37507453/ there is hope.....
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