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  1. Buy it if you're happy to live there for a few years, but don't expect it to be a financial stepping stone to a bigger property. Unless you really think prices will be higher when you want to move?
  2. Nothing wrong with sheets for curtains...
  3. I noticed Tesco has run out of tomato puree. Surely the apocalypse is just around the corner now.
  4. If I was trying to sell a flat at the moment I would probably be quite pissed off about having to compete with this scheme. Could this mean lower asking prices?
  5. It looks like the curves represent nominal amounts. So one of the curves might represent a £10K reduction.
  6. Probably around 8-10 years. And maybe about half of it in the last ~3 years, but that's just inflation for you I suppose.
  7. We've saved over £100K, without STR, so don't assume too much.
  8. Yup, it's not just you. Nice avatar; coincidentally I'm just off to watch Zardoz!
  9. It covers 96pc of deposits, but I heard on the radio only around 50pc of the value of all deposits, so there is still the risk of a bank run.
  10. I think the difference is that the housing market is unsustainable if only the very wealthy can afford to buy into it. This isn't true for the Lambo market, where it has always been the case that it's only for the very wealthy.
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