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  1. https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/1333801/clinical-laboratory-scientist-evening-shift?cmpid=DATWCS0229T
  2. I’ve just read in the Guardian that EA are asking for stamp duty holiday to be increased. To me this means that feckless people are being supported to buy houses, this money could be used to help unemployed people, of which there will be many after C19 is over. Play life smart. Screw the rigged system, take your money out of the bank. Don’t tell anyone, you don’t want to get to robbed, interest rates are crap anyway. Then go on the dole/sick , enjoy your savings, go on holidays, play the system and must of all just chill and get better. Sorry if this is a bit dark.
  3. The question I have is in the title. Guy in my company retired after 35 years of service with a pension of 12k. Should I start paying in to the pension of just enjoy the money. If I have no house and no pension, how much would I get in pension & benefits if I was 65 tomorrow?
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8538179/Nine-UK-universities-rely-Chinese-students-FIFTH-income.html HPC in Liverpool?
  5. Take out from the bank as much as you can store safely at home. Make sure you have no more than a couple of hundred quid in the bank. At the appropriate time plead poverty and claim max benefits.
  6. Was in Liverpool city centre yesterday. Concert square was heaving with young people out drinking!
  7. BTW. I would like to hear about btl landlord suffering and loss. Might log in now and again to make myself happier!
  8. BTW. I would like to hear about btl landlord suffering and loss. Might log in now and again to make myself happier!
  9. No need to watch the commentary now that the outcome is certain!
  10. Is COVID-19 a black swan. YES I think hpc is certain. I’m thinking it might be good to give this website a bit of a rest. Need to spend more time online planning on buying the nice cheap house I always wanted.
  11. Terrible thing to say given the large no. Of deaths but C-19 has changed my life very much for the better.
  12. The reality for me is that I am in a very secure niche government job. I’ll won’t be working in the office 5 days a week, more like, 2 days a week. WFH the other 3. I believe this will be true for a lot of professionals. This is a global reset, the western world has suffered more economically then the rest of the world. There will be a recession/depression. House prices will be going down in real terms for the next 10 years. I’ll be buying a small house in a semi rural location, far away from property hotspots, with no wage competition.
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