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  1. Thanks for your feedback. However I'd have to disagree with both 2 & 3. After buying my 1st property in my 20s I vowed to take the attitude of 'plenty more fish in the sea' :-D when involved in future house sales
  2. No 2buyornot2buy - you misunderstand I've no intention of paying more than 1%. It's RV is 290k so i intend to pay no more than around the 240k mark
  3. Hi all I'd welcome some feedback on this situation... Viewed a property that's on market right under the 3% stamp duty threshold which also comes in about RV less 15%. We like the property and attempt to put in an initial offer only to be told another party has an offer of the same figure in. Told the EA that was fine we'd match it as we are in a strong position to move ( nothing to sell, large deposit etc). He got really shirty saying " I know what you're doing, you're forcing the other offer to play their hand" and he refused to put our offer to the vendor, after a brief discussion about
  4. I'd agree wholeheartedly that most EAs are disinterested. However a more stringent system may mean that the rubbish don't make the grade & so don't get work! However in the last week I've had two very different experiences with EAs. My situation sold 5 bed detached in SE England 18 months ago, cash in bank. Now looking for 3/4 bed in rural mid Ulster with no joy. OH now suggesting moving to his home City south of Lough Neagh and he'll travel to work so we visit local agents... Agent 1: office dirty, he looks a mess, doesn't get up from his desk. We enquire about one property and get t
  5. Thanks for the tips. Organised a solicitor so feel more reassured. Booked tickets for self build show....I'm sure that will provide me with hundreds of ways to spend money
  6. Thanks for you reassuring and detailed post. The builder would like a £5k holding deposit to be lodged with a solicitor or the EA he uses. He has suggested meeting directly with his architect to discuss our plans as he felt they could be improved ( I do agree) . He also said as the plans were older build regulations have become tighter about insulation etc. We'd already asked who would own the plans - but hadn't got a clear answer, so I'll push that one. My worry was if we couldn't get our plans passed -the only issue condition on outlined was ridge height. Where we would stand. The builder
  7. Thanks for that. I've done a credit check on him and he looks ok. General gossip is that he's ridden the recession well as he owned most of the land he's built on - typical family of farmers and he's the son with a trade
  8. Hi all I've posted a few times a while back and now look like to be on the cusp of making the leap to buy. We moved here about two years ago having sold our house in SE England. About 18 months ago we saw a house we liked, liked the builders attitude but the location wasn't quite right. Fast forward to now and the builder has approached us about another plot. It turns out it perfect - near our sons school, near friends, near our jobs, in a village that's perceived locally as affluent and good transport links ( last 2 good in my eyes if we ever need / want to sell). I know the women next doo
  9. Thanks for taking the time to reply... its reassuring that you have had a similar experience with EAs Any other info views you gleen over the following weeks passing on would be much appreciated. I'll continue to watch as follow the wise words of some of the posters. Good luck with your search for a house
  10. hello all 1st time posting after a period of lurking and gleening valuable info - so please be kind! After looking for about 6 months to buy after moving here from the SE of England I have 3 questions... 1. Rateable value - if i see a new build /part build how can I realistically assess what the rate-able value will be and therefore to a degree its current 'value' ( yes i know this is a whole can of worms!) but given that my current benchmark is POA or a crazy figure often from 2/3 years ago RV seems to be a start. Im looking in fairly rural areas so I can't compare to the neighbouring pro
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