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  1. Hi, Can anyone advise on rough prices for attic conversions in Belfast? We're thinking of roughly 20m2 (3-bed semi), need stairs up and storage in eaves but no dormer, no bathroom/plumbing etc. so fairly straight-forward project. Would be keen to know what people have been charged for similar projects? Dcf.
  2. We have just bought at RV-15% and believe it or not paid slightly over the asking price which I would have said we would NEVER do. However the details are very important.... However what made me happy with this decision was the realistic pricing of the house and our position. There were 2 other bidders, (one of whom we know was definitely real!), the house was exactly what we wanted (size, location, priced based on condition) and most importantly it was in the lower end of our budget. I had been following the market in the area for a year and this was the house that was best priced to suit our needs in that time. We borrowed less than a third of what the banks were offering us (which were crazy amounts in my opinion anyway) and even with rates we are paying 20% less than what we budgeted for rent. We have bought with the mindset of the property losing 10% a year (I've been following the RPPI and this site for the past year!) which is only marginally more than what we would have paid on rent. It was the right house, in the right place, at the right time for us.
  3. Results of yesterday's mustbesold auction: http://www.eigroup.co.uk/auctioneer-templates/results.aspx?a=557&c=gpl Of the 9 lots that had no bids at all, 7 were from NI....
  4. Not entirely sure BB - I think it may have just been during web searches about mortgages and NI house values. Found it about last march/april and have been following since - has definitely helped educate me on this whole process so thank you all!
  5. Thanks for the input folks! I posted this query really because of LPS values. Thanks to following this site for the past 6 months I have learned lots and have been checking the RV of anything I'm interested in. Most (though not all) of the properties I've looked at in Holywood are above RV, some massively, hence my question really. If these are selling at RV - 10/20% they are going for a lot less that asking price and I should be looking at asking prices well above my budget and going in with supposedly very cheeky offers. Below is sample data from the first 10 houses that come up in my search; 2 under RV, 1 at RV and 7 above. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get a further breakdown of the RPPI area data beyond the greater Belfast category? This would be one way to find out where certain areas are selling relative to RV. Thanks again for all the advice here – it has really helped us keep our heads screwed on in all this house buying business! Asking price LPS value Difference 200 170 18 135 95 42 119 102 17 115 105 10 190 140 36 210 170 24 170 210 -19 210 210 0 145 153 -5 180 165 9 Mean 167.4 152 10
  6. I see RoI has launched a register of the actual selling price of individual properties similar to GB. In the absence of the same here in NI, can anyone advise of how much houses tend to go for relative to asking prices here? I know this is hugely variable from type of sale,sellers motivation, location etc but does anyone have a vague idea? Perhaps people could anecdotally post sales values they reliably know of(just general property types, not addresses!)? I'd really appreciate anything on semis/terraces in the Holywood area, nice areas of east or south belfast. When I asked an estate agent in Holywood they said most sales are very close to, and sometimes over asking price....which I find hard to believe. Any opinions much appreciated! Also, to any EAs reading - as a first time buyer, I really think you should be advocating for such a register here in NI. I think it would entice buyers, especially first timers that are unfamiliar with the whole process and don't know what they can actually get for their budgets. Yes, current sellers might not like it especially if they are reluctant to lower their (unrealistic) asking prices but the sooner price get to the bottom the sooner more buyers will join the market. It will also encourage new sellers to price realistically which should result in faster sales which is good for all involved. - just my two cents.
  7. Sales volumes have decreased by over 5% from Q1 to Q2 in 2012 which is the first time this has happened in the history of the figures provided in the report (since 2005) - even through the peak and crash...! I expected that with with all the auction activity (and soundbites in the media on volumes) that sales volumes would be up - anyone have insight? Is there likely to be Q2 sales not yet included in the report?
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