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  1. Thank you very much for your comments. Most of the spanish think that the english people and the north-european people usually see us as "third-world-Europe". In fact there is a typical spanish saying that says: "Africa begins in the Pyrinees, not in Morocco", when we speak about our differences between us and the rest of Europe
  2. That's a good question mate. I don't know. I always think why "pistachios" are so expensive here, since they are my favourite
  3. Yes, we have had (and actually we still have) those LIAR LOANS. That's one of the causes of the massive bankrupcy of many banks here indeed.
  4. I think the majority in Spain would vote for "EUROPE". We are very aware for what they have been doing for us for several years. I am not afraid of getting out from the EU on our own, that feeling is not extended.
  5. That's absolutely true. Actually it's not a massive attitude, but in my case for example, I have sent a part of my savings to an account in Switzerland. Just in case.
  6. Your question about Canaries has been answered, I will focus in your 2 other questions. The prices are still hight for a simple reason: the whole country is still rubbing its eyes after the bubble burst. Many people STILL can't realize what's going on. About bargains, is just waiting and negotiating. I am afraid I'm not telling you anything you didn't know before. The spaniards are very proud in many cases to admit they have lost this.
  7. (i) not an exact term for that, but you could say: "perdedor de alquiler perpetuo" (ii) "alquilar es tirar el dinero". Great hit (iii) "la vivienda siempre sube" (iv) "no pienso regalarlo" or "antes de regalarlo, le prendo fuego" ("before giving it away, I will set fire to the house") (v) again, no one like that exactly in spanish, but something like #3 (vi) "el dinero de verdad es el oro" (vii) "aquí tienes un enlace a youtube para que veas lo que de verdad está pasando" (viii) "la culpa de todo la tiene Zapatero" (instead of Mr. Brown lol) (ix) "si no hubieran tenido intereses tan ba
  8. I've done it twice. You won't regret it. If you like the nature, beautiful landscapes, sea and countryside, y strongly recommend you to do it. Of course the better season is spring-summer...
  9. hahahaha nice one, mate! My favourite one is that one that our former prime minister Mr. Zapatero said: "There is no crysis, I prefer to call it deceleration of the economy". Awesome.
  10. Thank you very much for explaining so accurately. That's the big point in Spain. You are right, sadly. Just a question, why did you decide to leave UK and come here?
  11. No, not really. Recently I heard that they are now going throug bad financial times. They have founded a party (again), but nothing remarkable in the recent times from them. Well, you know, they are always in the media. We are currently in some sort of declared "cease fire"
  12. Eres bienvenido también allí cuando quieras venir. (You are always welcome to come whenever you want) En cuanto a sudamérica, no conozco ninguno, pero seguro que lo habrá. (about South America forums, I don't know anyone, but I'm sure it exists)
  13. You are absolutely right. But I will clarify some of your statements: 1) we inflated our property because of the huge credit flow. In Spain, before euro, we never had such amounts of easy money at our disposal with so low interest 2) sure, they still overspend 3) that's one of our big big problems. We employ about 3 million civil servants. 4) The problem is that they didn't meddle enough I think. We are in the hands of a bunch of thieves. 5) Sure. And I am pretty sure that we will break 30% this year or 2013.
  14. Well, that is a delicate matter. The media saw the matter of the expropriation of Repsol as an affront to Spain. Again, another smokescreen I think. A part of the people still think that is an affront (maybe because a part of the spaniards think what the media tells them to do), and the other part -as me- think we have more important issues to be worried about now. You and me know perfectly that doing what Argentina did is worse for them in the long term
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