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  1. Its as likely as Bruce having enough cash to earn enough interest to pay his rent. As a high rate tax payer, id need £400,000 at 3% to pay mine.
  2. Not by the time your parents needs care, you will have long since finished paying your mortgage. Oh....we've all not started yet havent we..........
  3. Well of course, I see very little benefit to me for the money taken from me in tax and would rather spend it myself. Isnt this true of everyone who works outside of the public sector?
  4. When you are young, you have never paid for anything in your life. Magic money pays for your clothes, food, education, somewhere to live. Socialism at its finest. Therefore you think this is the way things should be, of course education should be free, of course healthcare should be free, of course anyone should be able to live here if they want to. When you actually leave this life in a bubble and have to work and find that with NI, Income tax, employers NI, VAT and so on that 50% of the money you earn is stolen from you to pay for others you soon become against socialism.
  5. These people that are benefiting from record low interest rates, being a quarter through their mortgage term, and enjoying the benefits of owning? Doesnt seem like bad logic they followed to me.
  6. I always keep mine renewed for 2 reasons. It will always be more expensive if you put it off. If I ever need to leave in a hurry.
  7. HPC certainty had them every year, and were wrong every year too. And thats the context you have to take them in. Waiting for 10 years has been an incredible mistake for the majority of posters, myself included.
  8. Exactly. Slash all those by at least half. Abolish the last 6 on the list.
  9. To answer the point "Who wants austerity? No one!" I do! Because what austerity should mean is taking less money from me, to give to the idle, to spend on services I dont want, to give to foreign countries to waste and so on. So yes, Im bloody for austerity, as much as we can get. Sadly as long as we have people who vote to get free stuff and jobs paid for by the hard work of other people, we wont get it.
  10. Werent all these things true in 2004? Are you trying to convince yourself or others?
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