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  1. Okay, say I walk in to that shop next to the savoy on the strand... buy 1Kg of gold in cash. Do they take any details? When selling a bar of gold don't you need a certificate of proof? Does that mean your name is recorded? Anyone with experience? CAS
  2. That old chestnut. Easy. Say the following. 1) If the buyer is going through your agency why are you being so saintly in looking after my interest? 2) Okay, let them have it. 3) I have just done some recalculations with my mortgage lender... i can now only afford to offer 5% less than my original offer. Don't let them play games with you... play with them... let us know how it goes? CAS.
  3. Someone, please slap me round the face. I just saw this... am i dreaming. No wait... whats that feeling.... Happiness Can't wait to shout "I told you so". HA HA HA HA CAS
  4. I have to say... those figures are shocking. ??? 40 Tideslea Path, Greenwich, SE28 - £239,995 (Flat, new build) - 28th June 2005 40 Tideslea Path, Greenwich, SE28 - £150,000 (Halifax auction) - 18th October 2006 ??? Underpants, brown, full.....
  5. A secured loan is one where your home is secured, so even if you don't pay your mortgage your house will be secure and you wont loose it. init. God help the UK, but i seriously thing that there may be some people out there who thought that... or were misguided by a lender. CAS
  6. OMG I saw this too. A BBC news reporter saying that she wont buy! I think the interview was scripted. Designed to destroy the following myths. 1) Property Always Goes Up 2) Buying Is better Than Renting. Very well done. Martin Lewis, if you on this site show yourself... Congrats on a superb performance. CAS.
  7. :angry: For a second there i thought this was true. So many people come here for news that stating the above may be a bit naughty. Ohhh, but boy it would be great news. CAS
  8. The only reason mortgage lending is UP. Is because house prices are DOWN, so more people are buying. So... HPC is on track. Sticky down is what they say, eh? CAS On the up, on the housing pyramid it's the people who get in first who benefit. On the down escalator it's the people who get in last who prosper. I'm one of the last.
  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/5297672.stm
  10. I think the following to are common to readers on this site. 1) Rent :- See a large chunk of my money (and so effort) disappear in to the pocket of the landlord. 2) Buy :- See a greater chuck of my money go in to a property in a market that I have no confidence in and watch it (and my effort and work) disappear there. Money = your effort and time stolen from you Money is a storage of work done really. So the stress source is watching the hard earned storage of your youthful effort work for others. All I will say is that I am an easyjet flight away, europe.
  11. I followed the sheeple into management consultancy back in the UK but quickly decided to follow my heart back to my topic. Am now in industrial technology research. Had to be quick as age and 'experience in another profession' almost cost me my new job. Anyway... What is the real world implemented definition of "experience"? Ability to do a job... or the more experience you have the wiser you have become to company antics and so are less attractive to employ in another field?
  12. Yup. Have said this before. I have to also say these figures are real, and people really are leaving. All the people I know that left are all highly qualified, brains are leaving the UK. I decided to leave the UK 2 years after graduating. With my qualifications and same pay out here... i have a much nicer life style. I don't mind the tax as there is plenty left over for food/rent/ipods/social events and flights home! I get a good deal of travelling to cities around Europe too.. this is how youth should be spent, not shackled to a mortgage along with 2-3 strangers spending all your income on a loan that was used to line the pockets of greedy sellers. And in 3-4 years time i'll return to the UK in my early 30s with a healthy deposit ready to clear up on the crashed housing market. I was so stressed with jobs in London when I lived there... my money disappeared! Tax then GBP 250ish on travel per month (thats GBP 3000 a year! For a smelly vomit coverd train seat), Food + living costs, social life costs, student loan repayments blah blah blah... Inland Revenue suddenly deciding i was under taxed... blah blah blah... all of this really stressed me out. If you have the option, get out for a couple of years.
  13. yes... I have noticed any serious post / topics suddenly get swept of those boards by the "what colour should I paint my new house and front door" type of threads. No false bbc users mods there... they wouldn't dare use that tactic eh?
  14. If this blog was saved as a printable file... I would print it out and post it myself. We need a spot on this site for "print and send (post / email" protest and complaint letters. This place has a load of members... even a letter a month would be loads of mail. What do you think?
  15. What happend to the BBC? Its the old stories that are Bearish, this one is a delight to read. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/3167777.stm This article is 3 years old, I think the BBC have been told to just keep the public delusional and happy. CAS
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