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  1. Our universities are teaching what should be taught at secondary school. When I went through school ten years ago, teachers had concrete examples of how the syllabus was easier than it had been earlier in their careers (e.g. in French, the subjunctive mood moving from GCSE/O-level to an stretch-goal at the end of A-level), and university lecturers have long said the corollary, that they are teaching the sorts of skills to UK-originated students which they would historically have expected those students to arrive with (mainly around literacy, writing, etc). Doesn't mean that a degree is worth what A levels used to be. Does mean a degree doesn't mean as much as it should.
  2. It is not. The system is designed to be beneficial to ex-students who work within it, and punitive to those who don't. If you keep SLC informed of your location and earnings, your repayments will often be zero. If you stop doing so, they apply a monthly default payment based on your last known country. For most of the world, that's incredibly high, and they will pursue you in the courts for it as they can find you (e.g. if you return to the UK and re-enter the tax system). I'm part various groups involving being overseas (especially now there's no point staying in the UK post Brexit), and most young people get that. The few that don't are storing up some nasty surprises for when they get home - as they are regularly informed by people who have discovered this the hard way.
  3. You're thinking of majoritarianism, not democracy. Easiest way to understand the difference: populism/majoritarianism is two wolves and 1 lamb voting on what's for dinner. Democracy is the lamb being able to contest the outcome, and have its rights protected.
  4. And only three weeks ago had our country taken out back and shot by the nearly-dead, to have their last hurrah ensuring we had no options, economy, or opportunities.
  5. Doesn't want it very hard http://localfocus.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/local-councillor-claire-young-to-stand.html
  6. The epic clustercunts who voted for this shitstorm we're going to have to suffer really are going to have a lot to answer for. It's going to be really hard to afford another cut.
  7. What the hell did the traitors expect? They can't take the country out back, shoot it in the head, and expect there not to be consequences.
  8. If we get ripped out the currency will collapse, so IRs might be raised to defend it - but at the same time, the general economy will collapse, so IRs might be pushed well-negative in an effort to get people spending, since the cost of everything is going to skyrocket. Either way, if the treasonous separatists get their way, we're in for some hell.
  9. Funny reason for them to be trying to simultaneously sink the economy, and send home the nurses on whom the NHS relies. More likely they're petulantly stamping their feet after being lied to by project fear over two decades in the tabloid press.
  10. A taste of what's to come if the separatists get their wicked way. It'll be kindof entertaining if it happens, watching their pawns scream how nothing they wanted to change has changed, and all the things they were promised wouldn't happen happened. Just wish it didn't have to take the rest of us with it.
  11. A lot more now than will be able to in six months, if the separatists get their way that's for sure.
  12. Hardly. The £20 is in regular daily use. The £50 isn't.
  13. Your error is in ascribing it properties beyond that of money. The paranoid loons buy gold because they think in societal breakdown, it will allow them to preserve purchasing power. If the £2 coin in your pocket won't buy you food, the stash of bullion in your vault probably won't either. I'm not going to be wandering around post-collapse saying "well, I'll take that random hunk of metal as a store of value in exchange for goods and services, but formal currency designed for that purpose? Pish off".
  14. Yes, I'm aware why it's used as money. But that's merely a list of why it's used as money, not a demonstration that it has worth in itself. It's a good natural coin, not something of use (unless you're particularly into bling).
  15. Gold merely represents value, the same as a coin or a note. If a person isn't willing to accept it, if it's worthless to them, it's of no more use than a coin or a note. Plumbing services, or bricks, or tools, or food, have intrinsic value because they 'do' something. Gold merely sits there as a representation of value. Totnes is in Devon. Bristol (Bristol) and Brixton (London) also have their 'own' pounds. They're pegged at 1:1 with Sterling, and can only be spent at some businesses in the local area.
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