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  1. TimD

    Brown Stands Down Merged

    Worth bearing in mind. 2005 election Labour got 35.3% of the vote. 2010 election Conservative got 36.1% of the vote.
  2. Did they make the hall way into the kitchen?
  3. You're all missing the point, if they are in negative equity they already have a 125% LTV mortgage. It's just that now Nationwide have come up with a mortgage that costs the borrower more.
  4. TimD

    Saxophone Shaped Recession

    Shatner's Bassoon? Seriously the news is turning into "The Day Today"
  5. TimD

    Imagine Property Store Now Open.

    You've got to hand it to the shameless parasite.
  6. Hurry we've only got till the 27th of June to return Gordon Brown as he has clearly had a defect from new and is not fit for purpose.
  7. TimD

    Bust Milk Firm

    They've been well and truly mullered.
  8. Sorry duplicate thread, didn't spot the other posts due to "Troughgate" activity. Cheers, Tim.
  9. Sorry for bringing some house price related news to the forum. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home US recovery called off for now?
  10. TimD

    Green Shoots?

    I liked the swany whistle sound effects to accompany the GDP projections, stockmarket and house prices. Who said the BBC is dumbing down?
  11. TimD

    New Build Gets Toxic Mould

    Welcome to Luxury Living! Cheers, Tim.
  12. TimD

    Most overpriced Sh*thole

    I love the shot of the sea defences in picture 5, how long until it's washed away?
  13. Isn't there an annual property tax in the US, who pays for that? Cheers, Tim.
  14. TimD

    400 Threshers To Shut

    I hope there's not been any inn cider trading.
  15. TimD

    Disney Store Closing

    Every cloud has a silver lining! Cheers, Tim.

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