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  1. Intra... Those foreign Companies have the advantage over British Companies - not the workers, who simply earn less. This has already been discussed and is a problem created by HMRC that is supposed to have been closed. They also avoided National Insurance contributions on the 'allowances'. I have already said that I believe this to have been an unfair situation. I have also already pointed out that such workers are no longer qualifying for permanent residence through the ICT route for such visas issued since 2010. Apparently you think it is wrong for this situation to have occurred (causing
  2. Quite possibly. The Adult Naturalisation form covers applicants who qualify based on a range of different prior qualifying criteria. ILR will have been granted for many applicants only after passing the Life in the UK Test. I have a feeling that the test really did nothing more than give the Government another headline to say they were 'doing something about immigration'. I remember a very precisely worded radio advertisement saying that they were committed to reducing the number of skilled workers coming to the UK... quote... what a relief. I don't believe that there is a central cohesive pol
  3. Nothing personal intended but there is no logical or reasonable argument for saying that two different groups of people earning the same amount of income should pay different rates of tax. If you are going to tax based on nationality you might as well go the whole hog and tax based on colour, sex or whether you can sing in tune. Ridiculous. It would have been the HSMP and you appear to have taken a test that was not necessary for ILR (Permanent Residence). No harm done though. Sorry but that is wrong. To say it is optional would imply that the applicant decides whether or not to take the t
  4. For some reason I don't think I can edit a post, but thought it worth pointing out that the Tier 1 visa did not exist 7 years ago, so I don't know how you came here on a visa that had not yet been created.
  5. Whether or not they can afford it (in a tough market) is irrelevant. The Tier 1 visa is the one that I am referring to and a 50% rise in fees when it was already the most expensive and most other visas had a 2% or less rise is hardly reasonable. Would it be reasonable if you were to perhaps pay a higher rate of tax than those who were born here? People should be treated equally and fairly. The criteria were low because the Home Office had got the country multipliers wrong for countries such as Nigeria, and this was especially the case as inflation took hold and the Home Office failed to adjus
  6. I would find it hard to disagree. I am not a fan of the rights without responsibility / sense of entitlement culture that I have encountered but I don't think that is confined to our young people.
  7. Very good points, although I am not convinced that sufficient numbers of our youth have been properly equipped through the education system.
  8. My job doesn't depend on not being convinced though. I tend to deal with a certain type of migrant and a variety of corporate Clients - regardless of current rules there is always a demand and always a requirement for assistance. The only only thing that changes is the type of visa required - not the requirement for a visa. I am also more than capable of taking an objective view even if the service I provide goes against my personal view.
  9. Current rules are intended to transition to a situation where you can stay for a maximum of 6 years and then must leave the UK - regardless of how valuable you are to the employer after working here for 6 years, what roots you have set down and what family you have settled here. It seems currently to be a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to ICTs - many rules that have been brought in over the last few years have been ill-conceived and resulted in court action that UKBA have lost. My point about EU migration is that it is part of the problem (not all of it of course) but as nothing can be done ab
  10. Not sure that I really addressed this. Firstly, nobody can go straight from ICT to Citizenship. ILR is required first. ICTs used to count toward this but for new entrants from 2010 the ICT no longer counts toward ILR. This change would seem to have already addressed one of your concerns. Secondly, you seem primarily interested in IT and I guess this must be your sector. You are of course aware that this is not the only sector. Heavy use of the ICT route by certain Indian companies did result in cheaper labour for them and this was allowed by HMRC - I think that was dreadful. HMRC allowing it
  11. Didn't even click on the link you provided - did read the quote though but didn't realise it was a recent article. I do know that when the first limits were introduced they were not even hit - demand was less than the limits. Nice headline to say they had limited work permits though.
  12. That's part of the problem with Cameron choosing net migration as a target. Quite daft. Add the potential for more EU migration as discussed above and the Tories might have to stop all educated workers from coming here so there is enough room for all the others. There is a very real danger of the economic benefits for some types of migration being lost just so that the required headline can be published and a target met.
  13. Name calling instead of discussing the topic at hand? And I am puerile? Seriously? Nice welcome to the forum though. Hopefully not everyone takes that attitude.
  14. It's intra, not inter... I have not thrown statistics around so I have no idea what I am supposed to quote a source for? I see no reason why I should have mentioned IR35 or what difference that makes to what has been said. I am exactly what I have said and I am also a British Citizen since birth from British parents (not that it should be relevant), but if the best you can do is to attack me rather than discuss what has been said then I think that says a lot about the strength of your position.
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