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  1. The original point of the thread was Buy to let is derided as being morally wrong because its seen as exploitive - but for many of us its an alternative way of building up a pension over the term. Its all very well if your earning over a 100K a year to look down on Landlords for trying to make some income in their part-time - many people are going to get to retirement with little to show for it would you rather they have a few properties rental incomes to live on rather than being a burden on the system. I don't get people in the UK they look down on others for spending all cash on rubbis
  2. I am not smug at all, so what if you have a few properties rented, no big deal just the same as investing in a pension or shares. Isn't the goal of work, career etc is to build up as much investments, properties, get up the career ladder as far as possible before retirement? I can't think why anyone would enjoy sitting in office for 30 years. I find many people very career and money orientated - but at the same time attack buy to let landlords. Its very sanctimonious to me.
  3. I think 1 or 2 properties as a back up to a Pension over the long term is fine and manageable, but have heard of others with 5 plus properties, or even 10 Properties - If your doing this on an average salary all you need is a two or three tenants not to pay their rent, or void periods and your liable for perhaps 3 plus mortgage, or say you need to make repairs to a few properties, addtionally you may not be able to sell them because of capital gains tax. As for landlords being rent seekers - i see them as no worse as your colleague at work who is hanging on to his job, who will backstab a
  4. The property crash in some areas, good chance to pick up properties a lot cheaper than 2007, plus more people need to rent because they can't afford the large deposits so easier to get them rented, Interest rates are low so no point sticking it in bank, FTSE over 6000 - could well fall again. Where exactly should you stick your cash?
  5. I agree a buy to let is not a Business, its an investment. Doesn't add any value, but then how many Business "add value", do you think coca cola adds value to real economy, does a hotel add value - there just services and products that people buy. There are whole sectors of the economy, small businesses that add no real value the economy other than tax income. There are companies full of hangers on who want to keep themselves in a job at your expense. There many Businesses in Virtual Monopolies, where there are barriers to entry, or jobs with barriers to entry - that are kept closed off.
  6. Of course it depends when you have bought the property, where it is - but if you cover your costs and tax then when the property is paid off you have an income. Over the long term buy to let is a good return on your investment. As for repairing things - its not really that bad, and majority of tenants are fine as long as your not taking the piss with their rent. Suppose your retired and have 3 x properties all rented out making an income of £600 per property per month with the mortgage paid off when your 60- Bear in mind the rental prices are likely to rise with inflation by the time your
  7. On this board many people hate landlords and buy to let for pushing up property prices - Whilst I can agree for people who own 10 Plus properties, what is so bad about one person having a few rental properties. Pensions, investments are not reliable - Surely a few rental properties that are consistently rented out by the time your in retirement with the Mortgage paid off could give you a reasonable living, combined with a small Pension. Every Job gets more competitive, backstabbing and generally miserable by the year - You have no guarantees your job is safe, these companies are stocked ful
  8. Hasn't Nudge theory been happening forever - take health campaigns of Smoking and Drinking - 30 -40 yrs ago, more people smoked than did not smoke, but years of health campaigns, not just by the government, but almost everywhere has slowly but surely lowered the amount of smokers in society, so say around 20 per cent. Who knows we might see less than 10 per cent in 10 years time. Lets take Alcohol for example, its been falling and less young people binge drink these days. Why is alcohol consumption falling? I guess its subtle behaviour modification, I 'd rather be nudged by the governme
  9. Its interesting you have replied this, Like I have attacked your belief system - does this mean I have manipulated you? I am I driving your Bus?
  10. Well what do you do then, don't watch TV, Don't read the newspaper, don't use the Net, don't speak to sheeple types just in case there is some secret sinister attempt to bend your mind to the will of the Nudge Unit that your unware of. Are your current thoughts your thinking, even your own thoughts, have they been planted there? - You get the idea it just creates paranoia.
  11. I don't like the whole creepy sad world of the 'science of persuasion' or NLP, self improvement, Derren Brown Wanabees, hypnosis, which assumes that other people can controlled or manipulated by saying certain words, or 'positive refinforcement', or acting or behaving in a certain way - I don't think any of it works in the real world except in the delusionary minds of the people who write these books, and it is disturbing that people actually read these types of books and approach their life in this way. As for nudge theory - What drives most people is competition with neighbours, family,
  12. Who cares what they think, Would it not be the self interest of the US to have a weaker EU full of leaders who argue with each other, with a weak military that is has technology that is behind that of the US, so they can sell their technology everywhere, and invade when they need, impose economic sanctions. Perhaps their worried that if the EU gets it act together, it speeds up their decline.
  13. Surely all these A students types should be Millionaires, not earning a slightly above average income. Surely all those people who got a 1st in a Business Studies Degree, are now running their own Business now. Too much Education breeds corporate armchair know it all, all talk no action.
  14. I am surprised their not bitter and angry at low wages, high house prices - they don't seem too bothered.
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