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  1. Hi, Just a quick note on this, I'm going to send a letter demanding full payment of the deposit within 14 days + the cost of the letter. Do you think this is wise? I try not to be unreasonable with people, I'm not trying to bleed this agency of their funds through pursuing them in the courts and getting the compensation, I think it's more civil to try and settle it outside of court and I imagine a magistrate would consider it unreasonable if I haven't tried to recover the deposit without this action. My question though is should I be asking for compensation in this letter too, should I ask for the interest on the deposit and at what rate? It's been almost three months since the tenancy ended.
  2. Just to say that I did give notice, sort of, via text. Not sure if that counts though. I was in correspondence with the representative from the agency as to when I should leave.
  3. Hi, There is one slight problem; I didn't hand in a notice. That said I do have on record the landlord's botched attempt at trying to hand me notice, so I assume that even though it was incorrectly served, it will suffice for these purposes and is a request for me to leave at the end date of the tenancy? It's several pages long. I actually left the property five days earlier to make things easier for him too. I
  4. Hi, Yes don't worry, I was under an assured shorthold tenancy agreement not a lodging licence. It was a single tenancy in a licenced HMO (a three bedroom property converted into five rooms, with a single fridge freezer and one crappy shower). Also my room had no net curtains and I asked some to be put up before I moved in. Sadly they refused to do this after I'd moved in. Definitely a lesson there for sure!
  5. Just for the record, What changes have been made to the tenancy deposit protection legislation? The time for protecting a deposit and supplying the prescribed information has increased from 14 days to 30 days. The time limit of 30 days will be absolute and protection (or supplying prescribed information) after 30 days will not prevent a penalty being payable to the tenant The financial penalty for non-compliance has been changed from three times the amount of the deposit to between one and three times the deposit to give the Courts more discretion as to the level of the financial penalty imposed for non-compliance. Tenants can make an application to a county court for a penalty award even where the tenancy has ended – so the penalty does apply to former tenants. http://www.redcubeproperty.com/the-localism-act-deposit-protection/
  6. Many thanks for the replies and help. I'm gonna draft a letter tomorrow. I figure that's the first step as the court may think I've been unreasonable if I don't do everything in my power to recover the money before going to court. It has however been three months already, partly because I've been a bit lazy sorting it out but during this time I haven't once been contacted by the agency and have contacting them three times. I figure I should give them 14 days to respond to my demands before I start court proceedings. Lastly, I don't think the 3x amount applies anymore sadly, I think the localism act changed this to 1x the amount and at the total discretion of the judge. I think though I should be able to charge for sending the letter + interest on the £600. It only seems reasonable that I charge for sending the letter, especially as it has to be sent recorded.
  7. Sorry to bump it but just read this, "excessive cleaning charges - as a matter of normal practice in short lets, reflecting the common law, tenants are expected to return the property in as good and clean a condition as it was when they received it, with fair wear and tear excepted. We therefore commonly object to terms that could be used to make the tenant pay for the property to be cleaned to a higher standard than it was in at the start of the tenancy, or that require cleaning regardless of whether or not this is necessary for the tenant to comply with their normal obligations with regard to the state of the property " http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/reports/unfair_contract_terms/oft356.pdf Looks like the term about cleaning in the tenancy was unreasonable. Also, he tried to hand me notice two months before the end of the fixed term but didn't issue a proper section 21 and when challenged, had a right go at me demanding that I leave at the end of the fixed term. He threatened to allow a new group of tenants to move in whilst (he'd re-let the entire property to a load of students on a joint tenancy) and 'just let nature take its course' which I imagine was a hollow threat of illegal eviction. The thing that makes me laugh is not only did he issue the section 21 notice to quit incorrectly but if the deposit wasn't protected then he wouldn't be able to issue one anyway. What really irks me about all this, is that this was through an agency - a bunch of people who you'd assume were professionals..... They certainly did nothing to justify their £285 admin fee that's for sure.
  8. Hi, Could anyone here advice me on what my rights are in regards to the following as my landlord is trying to withhold most of my deposit. I lived in a shared house for six and a half months and paid a £600 deposit for a room. When I signed I was not given the correct prescribed information in regards to how my deposit was being dealt with. There was only a brief mention of the scheme (mydeposits) and corresponding numbers on the tenancy, there was no information for example as to how I should resolve a dispute. Secondly, there is no record at mydeposits of a deposit being protected in my name. I was under a single tenancy in a shared house which meant I had no relationship with the other tenants and I think the landlord may have protected the deposit but under the name of other tenants. I believe this also means the deposit hasn't been protected correctly as it leaves me no recourse to open a dispute. IIRC both of the above mean that the landlord must return all of the deposit? I really don't want to go to the small claims court but it seems I have no choice as I cannot use the mydeposits service. Don't get me wrong, I am generally quite a reasonable tenant when it comes to deposits, and had there been damage I'd have been happy to pay for it. However, the place was in a state when I arrived there (as I was desperate I had to take it) and I even had a professional inventory service come in, take photographs and write up a report for £30 which details this. As far as I'm concerned I left it in a better state than I found it. For example, they hadn't even bothered to vacuum the carpets and are trying to take £50 from my deposit just for cleaning!
  9. The way to be wealthy in this country is to not buy in to the consumerist culture that we're plague with IMHO. It's important to also mention how rich we are in comparison to most people in the world. I know you have to take into account the cost of living here but most of us in the UK are VERY rich by world standards, even people on low incomes. .
  10. On a related point, one other thing that gets my goat is how travel expenses to the job centre are not covered. I know of people living in isolated towns who have to travel over 10 miles to the nearest job centre and are expected to pay the bus fare out of their JSA. It just adds insult to injury, they expect you to find a job but won't even cover the cost of getting to the job centre.
  11. Exactly, it's not like we're saying that sitting home doing nothing is a good thing or that we don't want people to look for work but doing it in the manner this government is doing is so socially destructive. It gets peoples backs up no end because believe it or not, the majority of people in this country want to work and provide a positive contribution to society. The government need to give people the benefit of the doubt, a bit of humanity wouldn't go amiss but I think successive policies over the years have taken their toll on people, housing policy particularly as many people on here I'm sure would agree.
  12. This is meant to say on a shared room sorry for under 35s. It's effectively true though for people living in one bedroom flats though, I can imagine some people are probably stuck in that situation too after the shared room rate came in. Either they've found a job, been evicted because of the huge shortfall in rent or they've found some overpriced dive shared house accommodation to move into whilst unemployed.
  13. Yes it helps but it doesn't cover it. It's £65/week here on a one bedroom flat, my rent was more like £100 a week and until you get a real job (not a work placement) you won't be able to find somewhere cheaper, that's if there is anywhere cheaper, as housing benefit is set at the third percentile of local rents they've rigged it so the majority of people have to use their JSA/ESA maybe even DLA in some cases to cover their housing costs. Council tax benefit was abolished recently, now local authorities are responsible for financing it. Most authorities ask people on these benefits to pay 25% council tax. That may not sound like much but with the other changes it adds up. True but there are exceptions. This I've no idea as I don't have kids. This is the bit I hate the most because it's what justifies the vitriol directed at people in the other category.
  14. Yes it's quite sad. That was outside of London but looking at London prices, it's quite scary that people are sharing rooms at a similar rate and this is on top of housing benefit being cut (housing benefit on a room in a shared house is about £65 a week around here and now applies to under 35s). That's not to say people should be happy living on housing benefit, the aim is to get off it but it paints a quite bleak picture of the situation and the priorities of the government. It's a shame as housing benefit for 25 to 35 year olds always used to provide a useful safety net which meant people could take on long term rental contracts without averse rental liability but changes to the shared room rate have changed all of that.
  15. You think that's bad, when I was unemployed, I had to pay £1800 deposit (first months rent + last three months up front) + £300 agency fee and a £650 deposit just to rent out a room in a shared house because no landlord in my area would touch DSS tenants with a bargepole. Life is tough in the UK but life is very tough if for whatever reason you are out of work.
  16. Yes I agree, LVT would help as would universal inheritance imho.
  17. I spot one problem with your analysis - he may be a member of the Labour party but Frank Field is no lefty.
  18. Thing is, in Portugal it's not just the toll roads that aren't used much but the regular roads. Seriously, I've traveled on some main roads and barely seen any cars at all.
  19. Infact, I'd argue that the very existence of a social housing sector indicates that not only can rent control work but it's at least in some cases necessary.
  20. One thing which is often overlooked is that some rent controls in the UK already exist in the form control on rent increases for housing association properties. http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/housing_e/housing_renting_a_home_e/renting_from_a_social_housing_landlord.htm
  21. One thing which would force the government to build more social housing would be if they increased security of tenure in the private rented sector. Were they to increase it, you'd be certain the number of buy to let mortgage applications would decrease sharpish and that would be a very very good thing in so many ways.
  22. Does anyone know where the cheapest place to buy land is in the developed world? Wouldn't that be the best place for this to take off?
  23. Now I know this article isn't directly related to housing but take a look at the following quote at the bottom of the article. http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/may/26/work-free-programme-expanded-government?newsfeed=true
  24. Whilst I agree they should they shouldn't keep these airports open and perhaps shouldn't have built them in the first place, II thought the Spanish government are one of the best governments in Europe in regards to balancing their books. That the financial crisis they have wasn't caused by public borrowing but rather an out of control housing sector and all the private borrowing (toxic debts) which go along with that?
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