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  1. I find myself on HPC for a grasp of what others are up to who are also lost in renting, its not the trolls that annoy me - its the bloody minded attitude that there is only one way for HP to go and thats a hard fall. My friends in Australia tell me there are falls in Sydney but nothing so bad as to cause a panic or for thousands to dump and sell pricey property. Even a maverick country like Oz seem to face no more than a soft landing despite interest rates reaching 8%. Seems to me the Brit reserve will provide an even softer landing here, with interest rates at 5% its fair to say stagnation
  2. Only on HPC would a thread stoop to sh3t and w@nk messages We do have a large share of w@@nkers on here, to be sure
  3. Come on guys, keep this thread up and running. So many bright and clevet guns out there amongst the daft and silly on the site. lets have a break from the usual and give a bit of who and what you are, it may help others get some perspective and get on. well ....
  4. Good on ya stanlyplank, Leeds maybe ? yes, this is certainly an interesting site Thank you all for the input so far. getting to know you a lot better already .... listening to "London calling" on radio MOJO - reminds me teenage angst is alive an kicking hehe
  5. Adamski, You are spot on, good luck and best wishes with the sale. 1. If the numbers stack and you have a clear profit minus costs at the end of each month - go for it. 2. Take precautions watertight tenancy, insure property, rental and income protection, fix rates for 2 - 5 yrs, I/O mortgage and pay off lump sums as you can ( leaves you with better cashflow). 3. Who cares if there is a crash ? the rent takes care of the fixed rate payments. and you are in no rush to sell. 4. There are so many tenants, so few properties .... 5. As long as the masses refuse to buy on "principle", specu
  6. I think you need redirecting to somewhere else... a secure institution with men in white coats. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> nothing as queer as folks mate, read a few threads on this site and u will see that there are quite a few who need to see MIW coats. u r right, baring the truth is always a wake up call, can't fix it if you can't see it Soooo who are you on HPC ? Where are you from ? Where do you want to go ? How are you going to do it. ?
  7. thanks for the "sir" Appreciations for the critique - BTW pte - So who are you on HPC ? Where are you from ? Where do you want to go ? How are you going to do it. ?
  8. trev, At least you have the good sense to get wasted first, guess it softens the f*ck o** that normally follows you about when on the pull. heres a tip - take cash and ask for "extra's", they are cleaner than the s*ags down the pub.
  9. Cmon, RFD So who are you ? Where are you from ? Where do you want to go ? How are you going to do it. ?
  10. The Chuz, Good on ya for replying. Odaat ( One Day At A Time )
  11. I wonder who you all really are ? bit of insight will make more understanding of where we have come from and where we want to get to. To start the ball rolling :- I am a 40's something taurean, married with children. ( lots) Yorkshire born, left school at 15, ran away to London ( dysfunctional family issues) spent a year in children's homes. left school with no quals, no reference and a criminal record. left children's home and took a job in the retail trade ( Burton's !!) saw what 20 years in retail has to offer in the form of the branch manager - not for me. Joined the army, left af
  12. prudence, it would help me no end if you could indicate which of the many are 2 good courses to look at.
  13. gruffydd, I do not have knowledge of the stock / share market - care to share your strategy ? How does a complete novice get objective knowledge on the stock / share market ? What makes you stick to stock / share market , where is the promise of gain and profit in the stock / share market ? Please - no copy and paste stats, graphs or hypothesis if you do not mind. Just your own learned understanding from experience.
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