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  1. Oh and by the way buying I would have thought that buying Silver at 7% VAT in Germany and then bringing it into the country is rather dodgy for larger amounts. It's not going to be long before HMRC take action, and the first thing they will do is demand the list of UK clients buying large amounts of Silver, since carousel fraud is currently one of the fastest growing frauds (along with mandate fraud) and you will end up getting stung for the additional VAT or alternatively prosecuted. The re-selling of silver on ebay (i.e. the VAT issue) is currently a grey area and I think some people will be
  2. Several people on this thread seem to be encouraging the OP to take a mortgage even though he can pay full cash... Am I the only person who thinks this advice is utterly stupid? Why would you waste several hundreds of pounds a month paying money into some banker's pocket just to have the illusion of wealth / liquidity? If he needed the money he could get a mortgage at a later date, why needlessly waste money on interest which is far from a small amount, even with interest rates at current levels? A house purchase should also never be made because of a fear of holding cash - again a completely
  3. Cringeworthy in the extreme. I feel dirty after watching this and I'm off to take a shower.
  4. I expect prices to tank in East London after the Olympics. Even the isle of dogs may be affected - why would you live on Isle of dogs with rubbish tube access when you could live near Stratford with its multiple lines? Both areas are utter shite obviously but nonetheless... It's a real shame that Stratford is such a stinking cesspit of gang activity and general scum as it is actually very well connected to the rest of London and has westfield now. I have never understood why Hackney next door has become gentrified and Stratford remains a hole since Hackney has such rubbish transport links and
  5. Limehouse is an absolute hole and you would be nuts to consider buying there. The whole surroundings of Limehouse, Shadwell and Whitechapel are an asian ghetto. They have always been an asian ghetto and will continue to be long into the future. There are some professionals living at the Limehouse basin overlooking the marina (grossly overpriced boxes), which is almost an acceptable place to live as it's so near to the wharf it could be considered to be on the isle but apart from that it's a hell hole full of kebab shops and sink estates.
  6. It makes no difference. None of these coins have any numismatic value anyway and no idiot should be buying a big box of anything without opening it...
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