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  1. Killer, yep, serves the [email protected] right ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ comments like this are starting to put me off this site to be honest. I work hard, save hard, buy things outright - have no loans, HP or credit card debits, have paid off all student loans, etc. I am about to buy a house, which is something I've thought long and hard about first, but I don't like this attitude that suggests that I deserve to lose this house in several years time with higher IRs. What sort of people really wish so ill on others? You are beginning to sound just as bad as the people you seem to hate.
  2. sorry couldn't resist although I think the point has been made... We have a S reg peugeot, and are in the process of buying a house for not a huge amount under that price range. Most people driving flash cars I suspect have them on tick anyway, so it's not even theirs!!!! It's the same as designer sunglasses in my book
  3. Towerpoint apartments are truly awful arent they... I live in Winchmore Hill, and am in the process of buying a house here, after many years of speculating and searching different areas, we've found a fantastic house right on our doorstep. I'd have to say that good property is snapped up immediately (good property seems increasingly rare around here, not much stock of small houses) and all the chaft sticks around for ages. I've followed the houses in N21 for over 3 years now, and watched several properties go on and off the market, without selling...
  4. i'm lucky enough not to be dealing with the little green car people, infact I am put off a property if they are selling it as I can't be bothered with their bully boy tactics. EA's generally annoy me, and I wouldn't trust one at all 2112 - Actually it's my own nesting instinct I am up against i'm afraid!!! But the older you get the more you crave to start buying a place, security I suppose, having things how you want, things that sounds stupid to others, etc. And don't get me wrong we've saved a lot of money over the years renting. I guess it is probably the wrong place to ask any questions about buying but I read a lot of interesting stuff on this site and I like getting all different povs. When will we know if it's the right time to buy thou? afterwards I think. hindsight is a wonderful thing. I've been on quite a few viewings spread out over the last 2+ years so I've seen a fair few houses to compare to, but in several different areas. But as ftber go we are very fussy, which I think s natural when u have to wait so long to buy. libitina - We could afford the mortgage repayments on 1 salary if needed, although we wouldn't exactly be rolling in it afterwards. We have a big deposit also, so we wouldn't be borrowing 300k, and I wouldn't expect to be in negative equity, rather, if prices fall we are more likely in the short term to lose our deposit. not a great thought thou! thanks Given up, some interesting thoughts
  5. We are looking in North London, pleasant area in zone 4 and can afford 300k without taking any stupid risks with our finances. It's a massive descision of course, having done alot of hard saving over the years. It's all our own money, no handouts from relatives or anything like that! Having lived here for years and years, we are pretty familar with the sort of housing stock that usually appears. Decent small houses are rare in the area. Suddenley I'm not so confident about securing a 10-15% discount !!!
  6. Hi guys Am wondering how you go about discovering the ceiling price for a type of house on a road? Also can u take a old price from nethouse prices eg 2001 and then simply multiply this to make an accurate predication of what it's asking price might be today? Sensible advice only please.. Am viewing a 2 bed house tomorrow that appears to have most things that we'd like, and in the last 3 years I've not seen many appear in the area (and none that we could afford, but since then we've saved and wages have increased)... so if we like what we see we'll seriously considered putting in an offer (we are FTBers) Not too much gloom mongers please, but all sensible advice is very welcome.
  7. I'm a FTBer currently thinking about relocating to Twickenham area. A house came on the marker yesterday, near to the station and river thames, decent location, needed doing up, far too expensive at 369k, but real potential to stay there for years Rang up today to find out more, hoping might be able to offer 50k less than asking price. Only to discover someone is buying it for 10k less than asking price. Probably some s*dding "wannabe developer". I hope its a money pit for them..... >8(
  8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/default.stm who are "Research company BMRB" ?
  9. Hey maxxedout Yeah I hadn't noticed, just looked at the plan - its a 4 bed house with no living room !
  10. Haha. I don't think that was the intention thou. The fact it's may be in "soft focus" adds nothing. IMHO Just a badly composed picture using a rubbish camera...
  11. I've noticed a few times recently that some of the interior shots coming from Foxtons in Twickenham area are getting more and more arty. The other week there was one in the bathroom just focusing on a tap ( I wish I'd bookmarked it now). Now there's a bad out of focus, angular close up of the fireplace (or however you'd describe it), and one peeping through th doorway, showing 3 picture frames and the bed! haha... Sorry I had to share this with you all! Hmm.. might help if I added the link in! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-564...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy
  12. Actually I would have to agree abit with Londoner about some properties getting "snapped up". I'm hoping that they don't complete!!! But I've enquired about several properties lately (since xmas) that have been SSTC or taken off the market again (in one case to do up and let out! > ) I am hoping that this is not the case in most areas. And why do EA's send out desperate emails to drum up some business if they are so busy? Or perhaps they have just had a vast number of people register, and then not heard from them, etc
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