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  1. Rock and a hard..... don't give in and the SHTF sooner; give in and wait for the financial stresses to poison the "union" later (and get the blame whichever option you choose). Cannot fathom the mindset of guys who are prepared to tolerate this type of emotional blackmail. What doesn't it tell them about the true nature of their relationship, their subservient status within it and the wife's priorities ? Would these understanding male types be the same guys who would forgive their wives for having affairs? Or take her back when the boyfriend kicks her out for the younger dirtier model. Too many nice guys out there who feel so lucky to get a shagg.
  2. gus

    A Drop In The Ocean

    Wonderful views and 18 acres thrown in too. Not a bad price to start negotiating down from, in my opinion.In this distorted , messed up world we now inhabit , maybe 600K is not so outrageous. As for me.... the one bedroom cottage in the grounds would do fine!
  3. Nailed to perfection. From the low dumb and inert, to the over-socialised with "responsibilities", Britain lacks sufficient bodies with awareness and backbone to get out there and demand radical structural changes. Christ, even Mervyn is amazed at our lack of balls.
  4. gus

    A Drop In The Ocean

    Total agreement, if you move to the coast you must surely want to buy a place with a sea view .( I did ,to my deepest regret in west Wales: salt laced winds eat everything... ..including your car . Constant winds eventually send you into manic depression and the Herring Gulls constantly sh*t on everything , including you). But to live this close to some of the finest coastal scenery in Britain and not be able to view it from your sitting room is insane.
  5. gus

    A Drop In The Ocean

    Well no-one with funds is willing to pay 750k , that much is clear. It might go as a week-end retreat to a body with money, but those in the know would be aware how busy it gets in the summer months....not very retreatish then! The road just outside is narrow and gets very busy. So if you are really looking for a quiet and remote location without neighbours this place misses the spot.Better off up in Penycae or Brecon where your 650K will buy you true remoteness surrounded by 20 acres. Not the sort of place for by ageing downsizers either, who want to be close to services etc. Good looking house but 650K may still be too much.
  6. gus

    A Drop In The Ocean

    The wheels are turning but the pace is still so painfull . And I'm stuck watching places that don't sell but don't reduce either. Legions out there who just can't take the hit. (until forced is applied). I suspect it's the feel and smell of the rubber that has you hooked!!
  7. gus

    A Drop In The Ocean

    Good standard of finish and one great location despite the winds. But it's right at the end of the Gower so even in the winter it would take you 40 mins to get into Swansea and then another hour to Cardiff. In the summer........ Very difficult one to value though.
  8. gus

    A Drop In The Ocean

    This little place down in Rhossili has been on for a few months and was originally priced at 750K but clearly no takers. Has now been moved to new agents and in one fell reduced to 650K.... a snip for those bankers! Problem is that it's sited just below road level so in order to get a good sea view you need firstly to go outside, and secondly, climb onto the flat roof....literally. Once up there, for most days of the year, the winds would blow you off your feet, so you'll need to wrap up nice and warm. In the winter , constant wind and rain will be your companions and in the summer, well then you'll be immersed in campers and all those pseudo wannabe surfers who think they are in Bondi.But I think it will now go quickly (in fairness Rhossili has to be one of Britain's most spectacular coastal spots)....a banker no doubt, looking for a weekend retreat. But 650K is still a lot of money for us plebs. Any takers? (I'm not on commission). rhossili.pdf rhossili.pdf
  9. Solid semi on in Sunnybank Rd but STILL 250K. I see this type of semi as the true measure of the distortion. Until they return to well below 200K we are simply not in the real world.
  10. Aber is so handy 'cos it's only 40 mins to Cardiff by train and no time to Swansea or Abergavenny on the H of V. I admit I'm not as familiar with the villages in those valleys as I ought to be , but I'm drawn to the very low prices and the fact that they are so well served now by rail and road.I also like Glynneath and that valley down as far as Ynysergerwyn (sp) Why would you not consider Aber and where would you consider ?
  11. Aberbargoed to be precise. To be honest, I've never been a fan of that village but it is well served by the train and the H of V road is only 15 mins away. I like Deri and Blackwood too ,though the latter is expensive in comparison. I've had goods in store for 11 years and the total bill far exceeds the value of the stuff contained. Buying a place for 50k would be worthwhile just to save on the storage and to kip in when I make return visits. If you are patient and prepared to really scour that area ,the bargains are now starting to pop up ( ..... keep it quiet!).
  12. Totally agree. But just like the Ilford man I know of who bought a house next to a farm in Fishguard and then complained repeatedly about cowshyte on the road, so she has brought her territorial obsession with her. Whether it's Scotland , Wales or Darwin you have to fit into the prevailing culture. It's a fact ,that too many bring their ill-placed superiority complexes with them and suffer the inevitable consequences. The days of Empire are long gone, over, finito. There will be no more bending of knees and doffing of caps.
  13. You're jocking..... half of Scotland lives in Indonesia and I'm getting out.
  14. Telecon with an ancient aunt this week who lives in a valley town close to the Heads of the Valley and 30 mins from Cardiff. Quite a nice little spot really; quiet and green. Apparently, the 2 bed, semi ,bungalow next door is up for sale for 54,000! It's in good condition both inside and out with new boiler etc and apparently there's a lot of interest (and this curtain-twitcher would know). She told me that the vendor had gone bankrupt and so bank were trying to recover as much as poss. Certainly a bargain, so I phoned the agent (how can a valley-based agent still have attitude?. Must be the onerous weight of their qualifications).These people must go through nationally organised course on unpleasantness before they are let loose. Was told that I'd need to make an offer quickly because there was so much interest and she recommended offering above asking price. I suggested that unusually they'd undervalued and was told that the valuation was arrived at by two different surveyors. What she didn't tell me (but my aunt did) was that vendor had bought it 4 years ago for 76,000. It's tightly under wraps, suppressed, but there's a quiet desperation out there. People losing homes, cars being repo'd, cc used to pay food bills and it's going to get much much worse.
  15. They will conceal until the last possible moment, the awful truth on what's really happening here. The Japanese cultural imperative dictates that they hide bad news at all cost ,if humanly possible. WTSHTF there will be lots of apologies, bowing and scraping, wringing of hands, gnashing of teeth but it will all be too late.
  16. I'm just concerned that with the property time-bomb ticking away merrily , politicians are going to do whatever is necessary to neutralise it and ensure their own survival. And if that means opening up green belt areas , then they'll do it. But I do hope you're right.
  17. Sorry SPA missed your last point. It's a real Catch 22 isn't it? If they say there's been no interest the punter may, as you say , assume it's because it's overpriced and so they push joe soap away. Whereas if they say there are viewings and much interest they risk pushing away another type of punter (like me)who is hoping to engage in some serious negotiation on price. This agent with the mid Wales prop I mentioned above had precisely that effect on me as did another agent a few months ago with a similarly priced house on the Mayals I really liked .The agents for the Mayals sounded very deflated when I immediately announced I would not engage in a battle of price and had no further interest.
  18. In the week-end ed of the FT ,in the property section, there's a regular article by the "Secret Agent". He purports to be almost a one-man band but who is well connected and he frequently talks about his European/S American/M East clients who are looking for properties usually in the 20-50 million range. ( Depressing really!!) It seems more and more that London is viewed as that safe haven (tell Saif that today!)where they can park their dosh without too many questions being asked. (Though much of it is really just laundering I'm sure). But my point is that if so much cash is being pumped into London property, there must very soon come a time when despite the size , there is little suitable stock to fit the demand. These bandits combined with the bankers will start looking seriously at land and small estates in Wales and Scotland and it looks like this may already be happening. Worrying.
  19. Now you can take this with a pinch of salt or not. Personally, from the attitude of the EA over the phone I got the feeling that she was being straight? (but who really knows) So.....property up in mid wales that I saw on for 650K. Little bit of land with it and a few other bits and pieces and it really struck a chord . Phoned the agent who said it had only been on for 3 weeks (confess I've never seen it before) in which time there had been 3 viewings and one of those was going back for a second look. I laughted and told her that in that case , I'd just sit back and monitor the play for a while. I know we'll all say that it's Ea bull, that viewings are only viewings and that offers are not cash in the bank etc. But the Ruskies and Libyans are only buying in London as I understand it. Where are these bodies coming from who can shell out serious sums (at least to me!) probably for a second home? I hope there is something to reincarnation 'cos I got something seriously wrong first time around I think.
  20. One Chinese secretary in my office here in Jakarta has a daughter studying medicine in Germany. Doesn't appear particularly well-heeled, so I asked her one day whether it was costing here an arm and a leg to pay for her. When she told me it was free, I was stunned.
  21. He's sold one at a slight loss and is trying unsuccessfully to sell a second . His move to Dubai proved to be very temporary..... unfortunately, and now you'll be lumbered with this neanderthal on some dull quizz/gameshow for evermore. Not a cricketing has-been, but in my opinion, a never-was. Feted as a replacement for Botham, he lacked both the technical batting skills of Both(who could be orthodox when required)and his lightning reflexes. We all know Botham would never have made the University Challenge team, but Fred would not even have found the studio. Fits in well with the football fraternity and has all the necessary accessories to prove it. Don't ask me to prove my prejudice by providing you with his stats tho!
  22. Did you know that the ground testes of the Chinese male when added to oxtail soup creates a powerful aphrodesiac. I honed my surgical removal skills working on a Norwegian farm many years ago and am convinced this venture could prove to be very profitable. If you want to set up a "farming" operation please let me know. I have the skills and motivation and would bring boundless enthusiasm to my task. Await hearing from you..............
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