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  1. How many floors and how many people in total? It sounds like you may be in a licensable HMO, which probably would require fire equipment to be installed.
  2. No requirement by law unless there is some regulation with it if it is an HMO...how many of you live there? And is it all one family?
  3. There is a difference between council housing and housing association housing - although this difference is no longer as clear since the widespread introduction of ALMO's(Arms Length Management Organisations). Which are you speaking about? Individual HA housing companies will, to an extent(although they are clearly regulated by government bodies), have their own individual polices and calculations on rent increases. You also need to bear in mind that the vast majority of this property is a fair way below private market rents anyway.
  4. Hmmm wasn't aware of that. But, getting baliffs probably isn't the best route of enforcement for that amount of money. Have you tried an Attachment of Earnings? Or I think it may also be called a Garnishee Order.
  5. I must agree. I am shocked that a CURRENT landlord is even contemplating that any repairs such as these are the responsibility of the tenant. Even "fair wear and tear" repairs are your responsibility, in fact even more so. I am not meaning to flame or anything but you need some tough love: you MUST, and I really mean must, either acquire the services of a letting agent, or do a hell of a lot of research on letting your property. Letting for dummies(I think is the title) is a good book. But you really need to do one or the other, or you could end up in big trouble, both financially and with t
  6. If your post wasn't so ridiculously convoluted and disjointed, then you may get them. If I am going to give out my free advice, I'm generally not going to sift through pages and pages of text, most of which is probably irrelevant. As it is, I did look through it yesterday, but could not make heads or tails of what was going on. IF you want to repost with a few succinct bullet points as to what is going on, I shall do my best to help.
  7. Nope...she should sue them if they wont return the money.
  8. Ok well in that case your big problem is going to be proving it. Even if you got to court, it would be fairly difficult to get a judgement, as you have no proof(should they deny it). However, I would start taking the LA to task if they informed you you had to give 2 months notice, because you didn't. In the periodic part of the tenancy, one months notice is sufficient.
  9. OK my reply will be a bit disjointed, and probably also not important points but I just want to clarify a few things as well - You are not at ANY point obliged to show people round, whether within your two month notice period or not. - From the sound of it, you were in a periodic tenancy. In which case, you only needed to give one months notice anyway. Can you tell us the original start date of your tenancy, and the duration of the fixed term? - I have heard this quite a bit recently, that letting agents are saying contracts cannot be exchanged until the property is vacant. This is complet
  10. I can't think of a way to retrieve it. But....I am curious, you say you were already gone. Can you give us more details? Sounds to me as if you moved out before your notice expired, in which case you wouldn't be entitled to anything...
  11. Oh come on. You are not paying her rent to repair your damages. And as I believe I have stated above, there is no way you would be liable for the full costs of these two damages, but you need to understand you ARE liable for at least part of it!
  12. But, on the same note, why shouldnt you have to pay part of the cost of replacing the carpets when it is you who is partly to blame for the neccessity of replacing the carpets? A landlord cannot charge you full whack for a new carpet, they can only charge a percentage based upon the prior age and condition of the carpet. My point is the same for the walls....why should the landlady have the cost of repainting the walls when it is at least partly your fault they have to be repainted due to you marking them? You are looking for "get out of jail free" cards. Just accept your responsibilities..
  13. Basically nearly everything you have mentioned is not fair wear and tear, from first description, and you would be liable. But anything not mentioned in the inventory they will not be able to charge you for. Moral of the story...inform the LA/LL about ANY problem!
  14. The carpet issue is certainly not unreasonable. What do you expect the landlord to do, live(or make the tenants live) with the marked carpet, and you pay nothing towards it?? The one thing I would say is that they should charge you for the cleaning, and THEN say whether the painting is neccessary, as it may not be upon cleaning the property.
  15. I was not aware of the OFT position on the carpets...thanks for that one! Glad we have come to a consensus MR....mines a Stella! Take it you are an Everton fan then?
  16. Firstly I resent your comment MrRose about it being a "comment from a spurious landlord". If anything, that comment was completely biased towards tenants! Secondly, let me perhaps clarify what I mean about the inventory. You are absolutely correct, there is no LEGAL reason the inventory has to be signed. BUT, any court in the land will completely disregard the inventory if it has not been evaluated by the tenant, and this can only be proven by a signature on the inventory. And....OP, can you please clarify the rest of the points I have posted? You missed some answers out Now let me respond
  17. I am somewhat confused by your post Rose...it does sound as if you are saying the landlord can use the deposit for remedial work which is clearly not true. I assume this is not what you mean...can you clarify?
  18. The inventory DOES have to be signed for. If it is not, it is worth less than the paper it is written on. If a landlord goes to court regarding deposit disputes and goes without an inventory, or without a signed(by the tenant) inventory, the court will quite simply award the claim to the tenant. Courts are not stupid they are totally aware that if the inventory is not signed it means that the tenant did not have a chance to query it, and so they will not accept it. I've said it before, and shall say it again: inventories are COMPLETELY for the benefit of the landlord, not at all for the tenant
  19. I hope he doesn't! If there is no inventory, the landlord can make no deductions simple as! You need to clarify a few things before ANYONE can give a definitive answer. - When you say "their" gardener, do you mean you had to hire a gardener recommended/forced by them? Or did you just choose any gardener? - When was the wall freshly painted? Was it painted during the tenancy? Was the inventory(if there was one) amended? - What size scuff marks are we talking? - When did you first move in? - Did you complete a full inventory when you first moved in? Signed by you and the landlord? - What
  20. You can....just click the "edit" button after the post
  21. It is fairly ambiguous, I agree. If you take it as a month early, the charge should be £200/12...about £20. This is because the landlord has technically lost 1 12th of the use of the charge at the start of the posters tenancy. Have I explained myself better there? That is just the way I see it, I can totally see your point of view, and I am unsure as to what the legal position would be in court. I certainly agree he is not liable for the full £200.
  22. Can I suggest that you remove the name of the letting agent. Leaves you wide open to libel claims, especially in the way you have worded the post. Not only for yourself, but for the people who run the site. With regards your deposit, did you sign a complete and detailed inventory upon moving in? And with regards the £200 charge, another point you can make to them. This charge is for the landlord not the tenant. Therefore, they cannot deduct it from the deposit, the it is for dilapidations only. However, they can charge the landlord for it, who can in turn sue you for the charge. They may wel
  23. In the Newcastle area, most areas seem to have risen between about 20-40% over the last 3-4 years.
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