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  1. Think this will turn out to be a short term thing like the original idea of telecommuting and living in Scotland or France 15-20 odd years ago. Problem is that you need to show your face in an office - in months to come there will be new faces, new managers that have never met you and if you colleague goes into the office regularly and gets ahead then you will be forced to do the same. Bet this trend doesnt last more than 6 months
  2. Comapred with Mark’s package, housing and other bens on top. Looks like a modest salary rise from 480 to 485k quote from the Sun: The latest accounts from the Bank of England shows that Mr Carney earned £879,000 last year. This includes a £480,000 salary, £252,000 in taxable benefits, and £5,000-a-week housing allowance. In the same time period, the British Prime Minister was paid a salaryof £144,000.
  3. Since the 90s London has taken off with massive growth in most sectors especially Finance and Tech while most of the rest of the country has been flat. This has caused a concentration of price increases which ripple out to the south east.
  4. Getting back on topic ? London IS special 1. It is world capital that is a global centre for finance arts music professions health etc. 2. It has take many hundreds of years to achieve this but it has to compete with other global cities. Quaint northern towns simply cannot compete. 3. it attracts the smartest uk and overseas people (but it also attracts criminals sadly but where is there no crime?) Also smart people are often impatient and rude with others who they see as weaker than themselves - sorry but this is a fact. You need to decide which type of people you would rat
  5. Think you are too late - In London, just looking around, I think you will find where it was possible eg access or change of use, all above-shops are already rented out as homes or offices also pubs and churches are closing generally and being turned into homes - especially pubs which could be flattened and replaced by residential blocks. This is clear to me after many years living.
  6. Hi just a few thoughts from my own experience working in leasing a few years ago 1. Leased vehicles are NOT subject to VAT as they are owned by the lease co - that gives them an instant 20% discount to play with - not to say the bulk deal discounts with manufacturers 2. All leasing companies are owned by banks - e.g. Lex is Lloyds and returns are huge - e.g. I could see the huge differrence on borrow rate vs lending rate on the system 3.Included maintenance is a huge source of profit for the leasing firm as they bulk negotiate huge discounts on things like tyres and maintenance
  7. What about the fact that Brexit will only stop roughly 50% of immigration but wont stop Russian, Chinese, commonwealth etc. immigration (and house buying) from outside the EU? Also, once EU immigration has ceased, won't successive governments just reverse the downward trend for non-EU immigration?
  8. C4 is owned by the government - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Channel_Four_Television_Corporation
  9. On zoopla, use the usual rent search but reduced after location e.g. min beds = 4, location = sw17 reduced this brings up about 107 reduced properties.
  10. Interesting idea for a post but are these a fair comparison? Vancouver is a much smaller (and I think nicer) city than London. A quick check shows that Bayridge would take 1-1.30 to commute on public transport. But East sheen is 22 mins from Waterloo. If you took your 1M out in the home countries with a 1hr commute, I'm sure you could find a comparable property to the Bay Ridge one. I suppose it tells me that gap between UK and Canada house prices are a lot closer than I thought.
  11. Is 65 miles considered commutable from Toronto? I'm sure there are plenty of 4 bed properties 65miles from the centre of London for under £200k !
  12. Miras would level the playing field with the BTL brigade.
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