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  1. Thank you for doing this really interesting
  2. If not too much trouble can you do? EX1 EX2 EX4 I guess around -2%, but wish more.
  3. Land Registry average UK property price 180k Land Registry average London Property price 750k FTSE 100 7000 RPI 2.7% Oil price $90/barrel Gold price $900/oz BOE base rate 0.75% Budget deficit £70bn National debt £2.2tr
  4. Exeter is expensive I'm seeing at least 5% asking prices for older builds and 10% for New build's since I looked last year. When he put the house on at £220,000 I thought no chance at that price it was a lot even it did not need work. The sold price went for £202,500 not 205,000 just can't trust them or like them. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=27586617&sale=50064023&country=england
  5. I have lived in Exeter all my life 32 years, If i could choose where to retire in many years time i would choose Topsham on the edge of Exeter, however its really expensive, imo Exeter currently has the best shopping in the county even have a John Lewis now that was big news for us, also getting an Ikea in 2015. Exeter prices are not going down at the moment most of the houses i've been watching go close for asking, i went for a 3 bed Terrace house 3 weeks ago that was priced at 205k i offered 198k thinking was a great offer as being a FTB, however some else offered more than me and its now STC. Train links to London are great from St Davids Station if you go for the fast train with no stops i believe its about 2 hours but dont hold me to that i normally go for the train that stops at serveral stations on the way to save money. The Exeter Airport is really handy too and improving with the choice of flights. Im not a fan of Plymouth myself don't mind visiting it from time to time but would never want to live there it just feels more rough than Exeter but thats just how i feel. There is currently a lot of new build development in Exeter and just outside with a Brand new town called Cranbrook so supply is increasing. Weather been awful here for ages cold and wet but hopfully that will improve. I can see why you would go for Newton Abott its kind of in the middle, 20/25 mins drive to Exeter on a good road 15 mins drive to Torbay if traffic is ok. Has all the major Supermarkets and recently a Morrison megastore has opened on the Teignmouth road. Barnstable is the biggest town in North Devon and a bit like Newton Abott, North devon has the better beaches, not all but some of the Southern beaches can be seen to be a bit Chavy. Slapton sands in the South is a lovely place to walk a long feels so remote and peaceful. Devon is a great choice to retire im sure you will love it.
  6. All the houses added to my Rightmove are 3 bed houses between 180,000 to 240,000 I have about 70 entries and 23 adverts have been removed or showing as SSTC. Only a small sample of data. This is Exeter, at the weekend we went to three new developments one Redrow, Persimmon and another David Wilson cheapest house £236,000 with Persimmon. Redrow and David Wilson start over £250,000 for a 3 bed all detached tho. They seem to be concentrating on building loads of expensive detached houses too, so only the rich can afford. Really scared when this Help to Buy Scheme starts in my area. Apparently my city annual house price is up 14.9% without it. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/in_depth/uk_house_prices/html/18uc.stm
  7. Your current housing situation Your current housing situation – Living with parent rent £150 month saving with girlfriend who lives with her parents who pays £60 a month What type of house would you like to buy? 3 bed Terrace or Semi in an ok area, which we can grow into, so we don’t need to move anytime soon. How much does this cost in the area you are planning to buy in? £190,000 to £230,000. How much would it have to cost before you thought it was worth buying? 3x mine and girlfriend current wages £141,000 +25% deposit Do you think this is realistic and if so how long do you think before prices reach this level? I cannot see house prices dropping in my area anytime soon, live in Devon been watching the local market for 1 year. I want to buy 2015/16 as I’m hoping for a crash. girlfriend wants to buy 2014 to start a family How are you currently saving for the deposit? Debt free, Cash ISA, Stock and share ISA, 1.74% savings account and just put £17,000 in premium bonds after a fixed rate bond just expired.
  8. I'm guessing wrt means "with regards to" We want to buy instead of renting as we want a home that will be ours when fully paid for, whereby not following the landlord rules or scared of breaking something and losing the deposit. Also reducing living costs in the future after the mortgage is gone! Yeah I could rent however the interest on my savings would most likely cover 1 months rent. The money spent would not allow me to save 66% of my wages towards the house deposit. Most people on here must want to buy or they would not be interested in this site
  9. Living with parents in Exeter (Devon, South West) at the moment me and my girlfriend are wanting to buy in Exeter, however we are still saving hard for the deposit, as they are just too expensive at the moment. I just think the supply of good priced homes in Exeter are lacking, however certain good quality homes do sell fast. A good freind of mine put his house on the market this month and within 26 hours the house had sold for 1000 less than asking, to a FTB and 4000 over what the estate agent suggested he would get. His estate agent mentioned that the summer months June, July and especially August were really slow but they had managed to hit there monthly targets, however they are expected a rush of buyers in steptember. Dont know how true this is only repeating what the estate agent said to my mate. The supply of new builds in the City and just outside is increasing adding competition, drove past the Rydons (a recently new build housing estate) development yesterday and they are building a new phase of the site. Cranbrook a brand new town just outside the City will hold upto 3500 new houses for sale (minus the social houses). Also been a few more smaller ones around the city like Chancel Park, and others but i cant remember the names. Since April 2012 i been watching 142, 3 bed houses between £150,000 to £240,000 i consider ok or better forgetting price, just to get an rough idea whats around and how strong the market is in Exeter. So far 43 have gone whereby removed from the site, 43 are also currently STC, leaving 56 still on the market. Little major reductions too a house that was overpriced at £220,000 is now £218,000 made me laugh. I dont think i will be buying until 2014 or 2015 unless a crash happens before then, im hoping prices in Exeter will go down, but who knows it's a wait and see game. I can't wait forever as me and my other half will need are own space, however i dont want to pay over the odds like everybody else.
  10. Me and my girlfriend went to view the new show homes in Cranbrook at the weekend. Obviously we found the price expensive, typical with new buillds and did think the rooms (especially bedrooms) were small. Has anyone else been to see them and what did you think? cheers
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