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  1. As per the title. I'm interesting in obtaining a list of the streets in S/S.E. Belfast that have been affected by the recent flooding. Does anyone know where these might be located? Thanks.
  2. That is the plan. But getting something suitable is proving difficult.
  3. Not familiar with Ailesbury but I'll take a drive around it and see what it's like. I did previously view a property close by Hampton, but it went for over £180,000and needed some work It was just too much for me. I just need tot think what my best next step is - buy or continue renting. Leaning towards the latter at the minute.
  4. After a lucky escape in 2006 when I chased a house and not an area I'm not keen on looking somewhere that I am not familiar with. Hence why I am looking in S.E. Belfast off Ormeau and Four Winds. I don't have many friends/relations who are in a position to offer advice on other areas of Belfast so this is my problem.
  5. Yes, I've lived recently around Kimberly/Sunnyside and it's a nightmare. Parking is difficult and although quieter than Stranmillis (around Ashby) it feels quite dark. I like Rosetta, but the further in you go (towards Wynchurch) it seems that you go further from shops and buses etc. Lower Stranmillis is a nice area, but I always felt that for the moeny you got a better deal in Rosetta and also shops were quite far away. The Cregagh has some nice streets with good bus route, Tesco, Iceland etc. However, I'm uncomfortable with that area as I do not know if my name would fit the bill in there. Agreed about Ballyhack.
  6. You say things which are 100% true. I should look into this and probably will now. As a single person I'm finding it extremely difficult locating a property of a suitable size and layout for myself. An apartment is out of the question for me - it's a personal preference and I've never seen one which I would even consider. This size of them is appealing as a single male, but everything else is too much of a risk in terms of noise, neighbours, maintenance charges, etc. As a single person living in a detached house seems a bit of a waste in terms of unused space etc. Also, cost is not justifiable to me as single purchaser. So, semi-detached seems to be my best option. However, as a light sleeper I have not found anything in a suitable area where the bedrooms will be isolated from the neighbours property. I appreciate that this could be screwed by something like a dog etc, but I'm quite cautious about what I buy. I also appreciate that living in a city will always result in occassional issues with noise. However, I'm trying to minimise this problem as much as possible. In terms of affordability I have approx £170,000 in cash which I have saved. My plan is to buy for no more than say, £150,000. I also plan for a period of 2 - 5 years to rent out 1/2 rooms (depending on house type). I believe I can get approx £270pm to £320pm (inc. bills) per room to rent out a double room in the property depending on the area and amenities nearby. However, this is all moot as I can't find the type I want, so maybe moving out into a property for 6 months is the best solution.
  7. Lifestyle choice. I'm fed up with renting (currently in a houseshare) and don't want to commit to year long rental contracts for living on my own.
  8. Yes, I am a lurker on these boards so I am well aware of the sentiment on here about property Funny (not meaning to start an argument), because I have been told by numerous people to only buy in an established area. Plus I am not aware of any new or nearly new properties coming up in the area I'm looking. There does not seem to be any new developments on sale in the areas I'm looking. The freshest properties that I can find are in the Bakers Court/Ardenlee development off the Ravenhill Road - whic hI was let to believe was mostly bought as rentals. I agree with this totally. I've not viewed any for the reasons you have outlined. Many thanks for your reply and I appreciate you taking time to repsond.
  9. Hi, First time poster on here looking for some advice. I'm starting to look into buying my first home. Presently I'm looking at the S.E. Belfast area from Ormeau out to Four Winds. I'm 34 years old and single - so will be buying a property for myself. I have been based in Belfast for approx over 10 years now, but primarily based in Stranmillis village and lower Stranmillis - so I'm not in touch with many areas in Belfast. This is making me sweat as I am worried that I'll be making a bad decision in regards to area. I am looking for a quiet mixed area, close to a grocery shop, bus stop & not too far out from town. I'm only interested in semi or detached houses - as I have a budget of £170,000. I would only consider an apartment if it was in a really small complex and sub £100,000. However, for the quality I'd want, I am not sure if this is feasible. Can anyone on here give me some pointer to areas I should be looking at? I've waited since 2006 to purchase and am now ready to take the plunge or more to the point what/where I shoudl be avoiding. My work colleagues are not much use as many of them live outside the city and those that do live in Belfast aren't the most partizan when it comes to recommending areas. My family all come from the country so I've no-one to really help me in this process. I guess I'm feeling a bit scared about making a bad choice - especially with such a large amount of money. Any help or advice appreciated.
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