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  1. 5 pages please, impressive is not it. I am sure that no estate agents wanting to achieve this would have been able to like I have. I must admit, I feel quite proud. I should get myself started in an acting career as I am obviously quite gifted. I think I'll remove politics from the list of options as I do not seem very good at convincing people although I am not bad in my job I must say. I must be better at explaining IT stuff than trying to justify the truth. What's even more funny is how bored people must be to post things on this thread for so long as there is nothing into it but 5 pages of speculation about who I am and what I say.All I can say is that, if everyone is as good with speculation about the house market as they are with identifying who I am and what I do, then there's not much point hoping to find the answer to the market here.
  2. Hello, thank you for the comment on my language, I appreciate the comment about my written english. I have been living in the UK for 9 years now which may well explain. If you hear my accent, you'll have to doubt about where I come from though. However, I wrote for a big consulting firm for 5 years and you do have to do how to write ******** in well said manner, that's why my written english is not bad. I still make a lot of mistakes though e.g. I keep confusing sensible and sensitive as sensitive in french is spelt sensible. I have not lied, I can promise this and it may well be the english and the surprise of the reactions I got that created this "deterioration" of my language. BTW, what does 'pull the other one it's got bells on' mean, I have never heard this and I thought 'avin' a larf' was having a laugh ! For the record I am now an independant IT consultant and am making a lot more that I would as an estate agent but keep believing, I actually am starting to enjoy this.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to write such a long explanation and I think it deserves an answer. I agee, it can seem strange and a quick change. Let me tell you the whole story. End of September, having a baby starting to walk and run around, we decided that it was time to find a house in order to have a garden where she can go and run around. We started to visit property towards the end of September and until mid-October. At that point, we had not really found anything and our estate agent said that we would need to sell first as we would have little weight with sellers without selling. So we put our property on the market without having found anything. Early November, after having visited many houses and not finding a single one we liked and in the right lication, I started this thread on renting in order to see how the rental market was. At the end of this, I was genuinely convinced that renting was the way to go. We were gonna sell and go to rent a nice house somewhere nice. Looked at the rentals in the area and I was pretty disapointed. For anything less that £1100 a month, there was nothing decent. Furthermore, the choice was pretty limited or in the wrong area (remember school is important for us). Please feel free to have a look on findaproperty or RM. A week later, we visited one last property that was less expensive than usual and we loved it. Don't know why as there's everything to do in it but it is close to the thames, in the catchment area of the good school, close to the shops and close to the station and is part of the good kingston hostpital. We fell for it and made an offer (don't ask me why I changed my mind, I can't explain). They agreed subject to sell and we sold about a week later. As for the flat and house thing, I am french and in France, whether it is a flat or a house, we call it "maison" which matches the use of "home" in the english language. We don't have two words for house and home, we just have maison. Therefore, I used house where I meant home and that created the confusion. As I have now disasociated myself from the flat, I call it a flat and not a home anymore (it's just an emotional thing I can't explain). You may well still not believe me but I appreciate that you took the time to explain your reasons rather than just calling me a liar.
  4. So this is how objective this forum is. When someone says: this guy reduced the price by 50% to sell, everyone would believe him without questionning but if you say things are picking up in your area, you're a liar or worse...an Estate Agent. Don't you think you guys are a bit too easy on the critics: All of you said we had to wait for the LR valuesto see the fall cause all the others were wrong. They come out and they're up, so now, the LR are liars as well(seen on many posts). Is not it too easy to treat everyone a liar as soon as they say something you don't want to hear. I am not saying prices won't crash but they won't crash now. There is far too much at stake for everyone on this market and inflation can not recover any crash. I read an article recently http://www.moneyweek.com/article/1346/inve...using-boom.html saying that the market will crash in 2008 and he explains why and I seriously believe him. It won't happen next year, that's for sure though, it may go up and down slightly as no market can remain flat, but it won't go strongly one way or the other until it can't be maintained.
  5. Maybe we don't spend as much time as you on this forum so we don't know that it's been said before. You posted 3400 times in 9 months, that's an average of 20 per working days. What do you do for a living ? do you actually work ?
  6. you could not say it better. I am so amazed by the reaction. I just wrote this thinking that it would give people a view different from the VIs based on reality. I never said prices were not falling. My FLAT was valued at 190k a year ago (well that's what the neighboor sold theirs for) and I put it on for 175k so that's a big drop. All I wanted to say was that there was a regain of interest in the market based on actual reality and not just lenders or EA talks. But heh, now I am a liar, an EA and a VI altogether. You can't win can you !
  7. well, the problem with Thames Ditton is that, houses or flats have gone up so much in the last 5 years that residents think that they own a rare precious home. Thames Ditton is over-priced by a long shot and I never understood why. It is niceish but there's nothing there apart form retired people having a tea in the local tea room. I went to a pub by the thames there and, although it's nice, it's not my age range. So as far as getting FTB in there (and flats are for FTB), it's gonna be difficult.
  8. Well, that's funny you say that because Georges Wimpey (I don't know how big a developer they are) are buiding 60 flats in west molesey on hurst park (you can find a lot of them for sale on findaproperty. Personally I find these are crazy prices, 160k for a small 1 bed flat even though the flats are nice. They are struggling a bit to sell them though (they have offered discounts if you buy on plans). They have 10 finished and have sold about 5 so far. I don't know about the planned ones though.
  9. so be it, I am a liar and you are the truth of the world. I give up on you but please keep posting these interesting analysis.
  10. well, that' because you don't know the area and you don't know where the ones not selling are. Look at how many town house style houses (70s) you can see for sale and how many are sold ( a few are overpriced I agree and not selling). They can easily be recognised to to the tiled walls and the large bay windows. These all are on a nice area close to the thames and the good school although, I must admit, the buildings themselves are ugly. West Molesey is half private, half ex-concil or concil. You just have to know which end you want to be in and people wanting to buy will quickly figure that one out.
  11. I am very sorry I am creating so much craziness. Would that help If I tell you that English is not my first language. I meant home when I used house but I am sure that you are not going to make this mistake if I ask you to tell me this in French, Spanish or German. I am glad people worry about such important things in life as the calling of a home.
  12. http://www.findaproperty.co.uk/agent.aspx?...prop&pid=153259 http://www.findaproperty.co.uk/agent.aspx?...t=prop&pid=8280 http://www.findaproperty.co.uk/agent.aspx?...prop&pid=344347 http://www.findaproperty.co.uk/agent.aspx?...prop&pid=254306 http://www.findaproperty.co.uk/agent.aspx?...prop&pid=392170 http://www.findaproperty.co.uk/agent.aspx?...prop&pid=203862 http://www.findaproperty.co.uk/agent.aspx?...prop&pid=153290 http://www.findaproperty.co.uk/agent.aspx?...prop&pid=203814 http://www.findaproperty.co.uk/agent.aspx?...prop&pid=344390 http://www.findaproperty.co.uk/agent.aspx?...prop&pid=212275 http://www.findaproperty.co.uk/agent.aspx?...prop&pid=153341 http://www.findaproperty.co.uk/agent.aspx?...prop&pid=335450 There are two I can't find anymore, I'd need to look again when I have more time. But,as usual, most of you will say that I just picked them at random. Why don't you phone the estate agents and ask them when they sold as some of you have nothing more to do that worry about my use of house or flat !
  13. Well I am glad someone who knows the area believes me. To answer your question, the area is great but you have to be careful about where you go. Hurst Park and anything around new road is great as close to the thames and close to the good schools. Anything below walton road is to avoid (high street, First Avenue with the flat roof houses). The schools there are not good and there's a lot of concil, ex-concil houses. I'd advise you to check upmystreet.com for any street you view as I found it to be very acurate as far as what is there. Hurst Road is a bit noisy but close to the thames, Walton road is alright (traffic is slowed down there) and the closer to east molesey you get, the better but the higher the prices. a new Tesco has been build there which has definitely added value to the area, the surgeries (wine medical centre in particular) are great and I have never had to wait for more than 1 day to get an appointment. It is part of Kingston Hospital which has great reputation. we had our baby there and they were great. As for the train service from Hampton court, there are plans to make it better as more and more people working in London are coming towards there. If you look near the station, they are building some flats there and that will be for commuters. The best when commuting to London (I did it for 3 years) is to take the train up to Surbiton and then change for a fast train into London. That will take you around 25 minutes. Good luck and thanks for supporting me.
  14. Well sorry for the previous post, it was a flat and not a house. But I am sure that you can explain what difference it makes to the topics in question. as for what I said here, if you don't believe me, ignore me but don't try and say that I am a liar as I have no interest to lie (but I am sure someone will find a good reason). I am just reporting what I have seen in my little world (5 sq miles). It may well be very different 10 miles down the road but I have not visited any houses there.
  15. No it took them a lot longer than that as most of them had been on the market for a while when I visited them. What I meant was that they all sold in the last 3-4 weeks, nothing about how long they've been on the market
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