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  1. If you view the house as a home rather than an investment tool then go ahead and buy the one you can see yourself living in for a long time and don't worry about it. Nobody can predict the future, if you feel the time is right for you then do it.
  2. Probably a bit yeah but you gotta weigh up if paying a bit extra and owning it longer term is worth it for you I guess.
  3. Fair enough it's your life. I guess with that you at least will know where you stand in the next 5 - 10 years though you have to counter balance that with the possibility that you could be 5-10 years into a mortgage at a comparable cost to your current rent (my mortgage is currently £570 per month) and with overpaying you could be 1/4 to 2/3 to no mortgage at all (depending on the amount you are able to overpay obviously).
  4. Could do - people have been saying the exact same thing every year for about a decade now.
  5. Honestly, buy now. Get yourself a home you are happy to live in - forget about the price situation, in my opinion the prices here are unlikely to move very much at all in the next few years.
  6. In my experience this happens not in situations where they got no interest or offers but when they did get several offers and could have sold it easily at their original price so it gets pulled and relisted at a higher rate. It isn't unsold because of a lack of offers. Whether it will work for them is another matter though, I have seen people get severely burned due to their own greed in the past and it could easily happen again.
  7. They obviously pulled the original listing as they felt they could get a better price.
  8. I might be able to pay £400,000 but only think the house is worth £300,000 so I only pay £300,000 - hence it is worth what I or somebody else chose to pay for it. If you think everybody is foolish enough to pay right to their limit every time they buy a property then you underestimate people's common sense.
  9. They are worth whatever people are willing to pay for them. They look like extended properties as you said - nice big family houses. You may not think they are worth what they are asking but perhaps somebody else will.
  10. As with everything, if people are willing to pay that for them then that is what they are worth in today's market. No clue if they will sell at that price of course.
  11. You are missing my point though - this will make savers think more about looking towards investments rather than traditional savings accounts - investments which may include BTL. Saving in a bank account is virtually worthless now.
  12. So it's finally happened and the BOE have dropped the interest rates to a record low of 0.25% with perhaps further cuts to come. What impact if any do you guys feel this will have on the housing market here in NI? Difficult to know really but imo it could see a slight rise in demand as people will perceive lower mortgage rates coming - this added to the hit to savers could also bring more BTL buyers back into the market as a way for some people to try and get a return on their capital (even with the upcoming changes to BTL).
  13. How can you say that? HPC has generally been completely wrong and this has been proven time and time again - you can sit here for another decade waiting for a crash which may or may not happen just to prove you were right or you can deal with the facts and live your life the way you want, with or without home ownership.
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