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  1. YES! if you go to the news page you will find at the bottom of each article it reads 'click here for more'. These open up the PDF reports.
  2. Hometrack have just launched their new consumer site www.hometrack.co.uk The new site boasts new products that take the house price reports to a level not matched anywhere else! Many sites offer the basic Land Reg Comps, but Hometrack offer the basic Land Reg Comp coupled with a 'Todays Prices' option. Knowing what a house sold for in the past is interesting, but knowing what the house is worth now is invaluable. The in-depth online valuation covers: Neighbourhood price range Neighbourhood current values Neighbourhood price trends Historic sales prices Market trends The Hometrack Online Valuation Report is based on Realtimeā„¢, the market leading Automated Valuation System used by the High Street Banks and Mortgage Lenders. In most cases it will give you a good indication of a property's value, something that you can't get from simply looking at previous sales in a local area. As well as the unique valuation product, you can browse actual sales, and view in-depth and up-to-date information from Hometrack's survey of house prices and market trends in England & Wales. The new Hometrack site is an invaluable resource for buyers/sellers, investors or anybody who is just interested! take a look www.hometrack.co.uk
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