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  1. This is sadly very true. Even if their pay wasn't above average at least 70% of Council Workers, or more to the point, Council jobs, are surplus to requirements so you have a lot of people earning above average salaries but with nothing to do. Add to that the proportion who are incompetent/lazy and/or gossipmongers and not only are the Public not getting value for money but the environment breeds a culture of self-entitlement. Horrible horrible place to work. It's almost like the pay is a sweetener to put up with all the none work stuff which comes along with the "job". It ain't worth it.
  2. Yeah, this is exactly the situation I've found myself in many many times when it comes to ICT Project Managers. Some openly admit that they're not Technical, so I fail to see how someone who doesn't have the capacity to understand the subject matter can successfully plan or manage a project when there's no appreciation of the time frames involved. In terms of blockages, they usually just wait for 1 or more of the Technical resources to inform them of potential blockages/delays, and will then proceed to ask the aforementioned Technical resources how to overcome them anyway. There's a saying in
  3. 🤣 Project Management is a bvll$h!t job anyway. There's nothing on the horizon for them 'cos all of the none-jobs are being weeded out. PM = "Is it on Time?", "Is it on Budget?", "Here's Where We Are, Here's Where We Need To Be", "OK, now go ahead and do all the work for me please"...I've never ever ever worked with a good 1...
  4. So basically the Rich friends of this and previous Governments who have profited and continue to profit from the privatisation and increasingly inflation-busting price rises of our Public Transport systems are losing loads of money 'cos a lot of people have had the opportunity to work from home exclusively for the past 6 months or so and therefore have not been held to ransom, and the aforementioned people are now squealing to their Politician friends about how unfair it all is? Welcome to our World, Pr!cks! 😂😂😂😂
  5. My Wife came home and reported that after I left last night, things went from bad to worse. I think the tipping point was when they tried to blame not anticipating the influx of patrons on the 60 minute wait time for Starters,(even though the 4 tables around us were all seated after us and received their Starters and Mains before us) even though when booking the table last Friday, there was only mid and late evening availability for last night, they then offered freebies as a Good Will gesture, (Drinks and a bottle of House Wine) then omitted the 50% discount completely, and tried to charge
  6. Just been for my first eating out experience since February. A new place. Noisy, Busy (people waiting at the bar and outside for a table & getting understandably agitated) understaffed etc. After 60 minutes, several enquiries to Staff and no starters yet, I walked out & left my Friends, (and Wife) in there. Won't be doing that again for a while.
  7. True, and in the workplace Public Sector they would be promoted and would pick up a raise as well. The Public sector rewards failure because nobody wants to have to answer the difficult questions asked of why someone completely inept has been promoted to their level of incompetence 'cos all that does is reflect badly on those doing the promoting. Everyone's just there to watch their own backs & grab what they can. If people spent a fraction of their time & effort actually doing the job they're paid to do rather than covering for themselves & their contemporaries/subordinates we'd h
  8. There is no Democracy in America. If there ever was, it would've been outlawed a long time ago. Similarly to Voting; it's just there to make Mr & Miss/Mrs Joe/Jo Public believe that they actually have a say in what goes on. Same in this Country really. We've always tried to copy our neighbours over the pond. E.g Trainers, Tracksuits, Music, Drug Epidemics, Unjust Wars, Generational Theft & Corruption from the top down. Sincerest form of flattery apparently?!?
  9. People by and large are idiots who are playing right into the hands of their Masters...
  10. Thing is, when Lockdown came into force back in March, people had little choice but to stay in. They've adapted to staying in, eating in more often, even drinking in the house more often. Now both of these pastimes are much much cheaper if you do them in the comfort of your own, (or somebody else's) home. The Government recognises this, and because people have adapted to staying in more, and spending less as a result, they're doing everything they can to try and tempt people back outside to spend money, regardless of how dangerous it may or may not be. Again, the safety of the peop
  11. I thought the Government wanted people to lose weight 'cos they're too much of a strain on the NHS (Sugar Tax anyone?)? But at the same time, it's OK to eat out. I thought the Government wanted people to adhere to and practise Social Distancing? But at the same time, it's OK to eat out. I thought the Government wanted to prevent a second spike? But they're OK with pubs reopening. I thought the Goverment wanted people to wear masks in shops to protect each other? But at the same time it's OK to eat out, and it's OK for pubs to reopen. I don't think either of these pastimes a
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