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  1. I'm an expert on Electric Lighting. I based my thesis on growing Tomatoes, Peppers and Tobacco hydroponically using different types of light, comparing yields, ripeness & flavour. The HPS seemed to produce the best results across the board. I'd imagine it'd be pretty similar for any crop but as pointed out above you'd need to mask odours and such if using hydroponics for anything illegal. LED's were not far off but didn't generate as much yield, especially with the Tomatoes, and are more expensive and more difficult to maintain/replace.
  2. LED's aren't quite there yet when compared to traditional HiD or HPS lights in terms of colour spectrum or intensity, (lumen output). CFL's run cooler but you'd need sh**tloads of them to get close to HiD or HPS. Yes, I'm an expert.
  3. I had this for the first few months after moving into my Repo House. Usual stuff: Credit Cards, Motor Finance etc. I emailed them and also mailed, (Recorded Delivery) a hard copy of a letter informing them that I was not the person they were trying to contact, the person they were trying to contact had moved on, and that I was removing the implied rights of access from my property and that if I continue to receive these demands it would be tantamount to harassment and as a result they would be in contravention of any number of laws and statutes. I then cited a number of Acts and Statutes which they would be in contravention of if the harassment didn't stop. I can't remember the actual Acts etc as it was about 8 years ago but you can google this or go to a website called http://Getoutofdebtfree.org. I didn't receive any more letters after that...
  4. Don't "They" usually put all these scare stories out just before raising the Tax? As if stealing more money from people to carry on regardless will make things all of a sudden better?
  5. For Long-Term Sickness: 6 months full pay, 6 months half pay. Not sure about "regular" Sick Days. But again, It's in Local Government so not a real job anyway...
  6. This year I have 35 days after 7 years service. Not including Bank Holidays etc. It's in Local Government so not a real job anyway...
  7. B0ll0X, evening smoker for 25 years or more. If you're lazy by nature then you're lazy no matter what you put in your body. If you're more of a doer then it won't stop you doing anything, it'll just require more effort to achieve it. To quote Mr Hicks, "People say that smoking Marijuana makes you lazy. Smoking Marijuana doesn't make you lazy, it just makes you realise that a lot of the things you were going to do aren't worth the F**kin effort"...I'm creative, I hold down a well-paid job, I own my own house outright, yet I'm a criminal for what I choose to do in my own house and in my own time. The hypocrisy is the killer...
  8. Part of me hopes that they finish these 21st Century Lego sets tbh. At least it'd stop or reduce the number of Student HMO's in my street and wipe out the opportunist BTL IO Scumbag who thinks they're a Financial Genius for paying over the odds prices for Cr@p houses in Inner City Ghettos and then charging over £300 pcm for a single room in a Victorian terrace, not to mention "converting" the downstairs living room into a 4th bedroom to maximise their profit. There's less than 30 houses in my street, roughly 25% of them are Student HMO's, at least half of the others are rented to families. There's always at least 2 skips in the street at any one time. At least 3 houses have sold in the past 3 months, (at least 2 of them rentals) and a greater fool has come along, put a skip outside, erected scaffolding and still believe that there's money in it. They don't question why these properties are being put back on the market, or care for what little community there is in the street. They just see it as a nice little earner whilst being Super Altruistic by "providing accommodation", as if they actually built the house. I hope it all falls down around them.
  9. To be fair(ish) to him, he appears to have done his homework and has had Building Control in more than once to sign off/reject his work so he appears to be taking it seriously, (at least on the face of it) although this is probably more so that he doesn't incur any fines for violating Local Council guidelines etc than caring that much about the house/street/neighbours. I feel as though he's been put here to challenge my preconception of Landlords, (being Greedy, Taxdodging Parasites). My Missus is taken in by it all but I'm not convinced and won't be until he lets the place. If he gets in decent people I'll hold off informing the Local Council that he's a Landlord, (he's not on the register at the moment, and neither this or his primary residence are listed as being rental properties) or that he has 2 HMO's. Similarly I'll hold off notifying HMRC of his Tax dodging status. The thing that bugs me is that he's been allowed to do this at no actual expense to himself at all, he's ruining a lovely street, potentially ruining our peace and quiet and ruining a perfectly good Family home. I don't work full-time to live next door to a load of Students who don't have to go to work, I moved away from that very scenario over 5 years ago. Again, not wanting to be horrible to him but I hope it all implodes around him, he seems pretty clueless so I'm not even going into the S24 etc thing as I just plead ignorance...
  10. Happening next door to me as we speak; Perfectly good 3 bedroom Victorian Terrace house which has been getting completely gutted/renovated including carving the property up into 4 separate bedsits including a downstairs front "Living Room" bedroom and a loft conversion to maximise the profit. This has been going on for almost 18 months now as the guy who took out a load of debt to lay claim to the property is doing most of the work himself, (he's completely unqualified) except for the occasional foreigner, obviously just to keep the costs down. He's from the South, doesn't work, never has, already has a house nearby which he bought outright and rents out rooms in that property, (fair enough, it's his) and his initial intention was for him to move into next door but due to all of the HMO regulations he's opting to stay where he is and rent out all 4 rooms next door. First he said it'd only be to Post-Grad Students, although I'm sure once he realises that he won't be able to rent to those he'll start looking further down the list to Undergraduates, if he cant' get any of them in he'll probably end up renting it out to whomever he can get in there, (he's not going to leave it empty is he?). Admittedly he seems like a nice enough Guy, but then again people usually are nice to you when they want something from you and have just decimated the value of your property and possibly peace due to what he's doing next door, (would you want to live next to 4 Students? Me neither but I now don't have a choice). As much as I wouldn't wish anyone any harm specifically, I hope that no-one moves in and that he ends up getting it repossessed, (there are 3 other Student properties on our street alone). I just don't see how it's possible for someone to not have to make a financial contribution to something and then expect 4 strangers to pay his debt off for him. I mean, if he bought it outright he should be able to do whatever he wants with it, but this has cost him exactly nothing except borrowed money and his time. It's madness!
  11. Haven't they just pulled this 'cos most, if not all Politicians, are registered as Self-Employed and don't pay any tax? Turkeys are hardly going to vote for Christmas are they?
  12. It's the same tactic THEY use for everything; Create and distribute a horror story about "Double Digit Rises" to strike fear into the populous, then once everyone's moaned about it the "Actual" rise will be closer to 9% so the sheep will say, "Phew that was lucky! We thought it was going to be Double-Digits!, Dodged a bullet there!" as usual. Thinking you've escaped the proposed increase but totally disregarding the fact that Council Tax is just that; It pays for Council Employees' pensions. If that wasn't bad enough, the majority of Local Council workers across the Country are useless, inanimate objects who couldn't get a job in the real world due to their incompetence and laziness. Local Councils are the last resort for people who couldn't get a job anywhere else. There are some good people, but the ratio of good against downright terrible means that even with the best intentions in the World, the level and quality of service received will not improve, the quite the opposite in fact. And emptying your bins costs about £1 per week...
  13. It should be free for everyone. There's no such thing as Public Transport any more and there hasn't been for a long time. These companies take over £6Bn each year in Public subsidies via taxes and then raise the ticket prices way beyond the level of inflation every year, thus making everyone pay twice, (the Great British way) yet we all continue to just take it and have a moan. It'd be better if everyone refused outright to pay, can't really see much resistance to it to be honest given how many people use the services each day. I reckon they'd easily outnumber the "Guards". The Poll shouldn't be free travel for over 60's, it should be free travel for everyone or at the very least to those who commute to and from work each day and can prove that that's what they use it for. Those who don't contribute to the system and never have should have to pay to use the service at the point of entry, (Migrants/Benefit Scumbags etc).
  14. 0% if you mean rent or mortgage, (owned outright). 10% if you mean "Council" tax/Gas/Leccy/Water/Food.
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