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  1. Because The Government's rich friends who bought up all the "Public" Transport networks years ago when Thatcher deregulated & denationalised them & have been charging extortionate prices which only ever go up each year whilst delivering a worse service, (whilst receiving billions in Government (Taxpayer money) handouts each year) aren't making as much profit now that fewer people "have" to use it. Boo Hoo! Good!
  2. If he was still in charge now he wouldn't have said anything like that, or done anything remotely useful. He didn't when he was in charge & had the chance to. He's only saying it 'cos he's not the BoE Governor any more. Just like ex-Politicians who've gone onto wh0re themselves around the Public Speaker circuit or took jobs writing insignificant columns in propaganda-toting tabloids. They're quick to change their tune to curry favour with the very demographic they were more than happy to systematically destroy as soon as they leave office...
  3. The Private Sector won't tolerate the uselessness of ex-Public Sector workers for long. In my experience of both, at least 50% of Public Sector workers don't do any work whatsoever & are merely there to make up the numbers, delegate/bully others into doing their work for them either through laziness or lack of capability, and draw their Pensions. Oh and it makes their (also useless and scared of grievances) Managers look good. The small percentage who are actually productive tend to leave in the end due to being overworked.
  4. We're not supposed to pay it back are we? Ever. Isn't that the point? To keep people indebted for their entire lives. They could just print money to clear the debt but that wont make anyone richer so they'd rather print it and make themselves & their friends richer still whilst the bottom 99% have their money eroded and devalued and be forced to live in "Austerity" under the guise of having no choice...
  5. Well as sad & tragic as that is, countries with Governments are responsible for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of deaths of innocent people every year...
  6. Well that's a bit of a sweeping analogy. Its not like the Country's been running the same car for the past 100 years or so is it? If I had decades & decades worth of rubbish motors I'd most likely concede that they were indeed all rubbish & abandon that as a form of viable transport. Call me a defeatist, but it's not like we've had just 1 rubbish Government is it? Whilst the politicians all answer to the same boss its hardly going to change irrespective of tie colour. Plenty of Countries have had sustained periods without a Government. OK, they end up with getting something in place eventually, but it can & does happen. https://www.therichest.com/most-shocking/15-countries-that-had-no-government-for-the-longest-time/ As examples...
  7. Can't we just vote to remove the Government? They're all just salespeople for Bankers. We pay them well above average salaries to come up with more & more inventive ways to extort more & more of our money from us. I'm pretty sure some other Countries have done away with their Governments & they're doing just fine. Just a thought...
  8. Basically Politico Speak for, "We must take this opportunity to increase Fuel & Energy prices even more than what the proles are already anticipating & they'll happily pay it because there's a War going on 'cos nothings more profitable than War dontchya know". These D1ck$ make me sick.
  9. Really? Why? She seems quite happy to let the Criminals in Parliament rob the Country for all its worth when she could effectively tell them to do one.
  10. Anything which saves people money just to get to and from a job they only took in the first place to pay the bills/debt they're saddled with from high cost of living/tuition fees/bank bailouts etc is a good thing. They already work almost 6 months of the year for free after Tax deductions etc, and charging people for the privilege of commuting to a job they only took for the $$$ in the first place is the equivalent of modern day slavery. Same in UK. Anything which takes $$$ out of the coffers of the Government is to be celebrated. If they "need" more Tax revenue & aren't going to Tax their mates & corporations/lobbyists to get it then they should print more money to cover it. They don't seem to have a problem doing it when it benefits them.
  11. So this could be interpreted as, "Please return to the office. My rich friends who own the "Public" Transport systems/Overpriced Sandwich shops/Commercial Properties are losing money". Tough $h1t...
  12. She probably doesn't have it. Just like Boris The B3llend probably never did. Just another publicity stunt to brainwash the proles with the notion that Elites/Inbreds/Criminals/The Entitled Top 1% can catch it too...so they're not really THAT different to the bottom 99% which they get rich off the backs of. Wake Up!
  13. Just get a Xiaomi, they're up there when it comes to bang for buck. Unlock the bootloader with MiFlash tool Put a custom recovery on it via adb, (twrp/orangefox) Flash a custom rom via custom recovery (a stock android based one. AOSP or Lineage) Root, (Magisk) optional No bloatware, ads or telemetry
  14. All this "Climate Change" stuff. Remember when it was called, "Global Warming" but then there was a cold spell so they changed the name to cover both ends of the spectrum & use it as another excuse to extract money from people & restrict their movements? Isn't 1 of the chief Climate Change proponents Zak Goldsmith of the Banking Dynasty? Says it all really. And doesn't he jet around the World going on about Carbon Footprints? (Y'know Carbon Dioxide? That thing plants need to live?). Isn't the World getting warmer 'cos the Sun's getting hotter? Not sure any amount of money, taxation or legislation will be able to do anything about that. People need to wake up...just my 2 cents
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