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  1. <rant mode> Oh dear, oh dear. All these people who think that the older generation had it all "on a plate". No, they didn't. My parents never went Uni, neither of their parents could afford to let them study, they had to work immediately they left school, to pay their keep. To gain further education they worked 6 days a week, and night school 3 nights a week. When they wanted to marry, he took a second job, 7 days a week, working every morning from 5-7.30a.m. putting up paper rounds, then went on to his day job. They never went out any evenings, except perhaps once a week to have o
  2. Thanks Nomadd, good stuff. This is my favourite one, have been tracking for ages. Originally on at 475k !!! The price has dropped regularly over 18 months, but still not sold. Now 329k !! Still vastly overpriced. I know that this proporty was purchased for 115k in 1999. http://www.findaproperty.com/agent.aspx?ag...3&photo=1#photo
  3. Cassandra, sorry, but no way that will happen around this part of W London. Far too affluent, unless of course Bruno is right. RD, mine is lovely too. They are luxurious, dripping with it, gated, huge balconies, river views etc. etc. At the end of the day, they are still flats! No matter how they are described; mansion blocks, luxury apartments, gated developments et al. Flats is what they are and flats is what they always will be. I would sooner a house any day. Even if its tiny.
  4. Currently renting not far from these so called 'mansion blocks' They are dreadful, heaps of them have spawned along the river in the last few years. Blots on an otherwise pleasant river landscape. Mostly look like butlins for the rich. If you walk past them in the evenings, many have no lights on. But then they are rich people living there, so of course they are out wining and dining, and chatting about how lucky they are. Strange they can't afford curtains! A mansion flat up the road from me was sold a year ago for 325k, a few weeks ago, an identical one was sold for 250k. Ouch!
  5. Bluelady should be renamed PinkLady. She must be pink all over from the effort of all that moaning. Take a chill pill, you're gonna have a heart attack!
  6. I too want to know who are having these big wage increases, ain't happening above inflation in my neck of the public sector. Last 4 years had below inflation increases, and nothing else, even though my team have been highly effective and increased productivity. Don't believe the press hype about overpaid and underworked public sector workers. Not that way for me or most of those I work with. Not complaining, just adding to the debate.
  7. Hannibal, loads of 'Sold' signs, on what sort of properties? Semi's? One Beds? Detached? All of the above? Would give us a clearer perspective. Can't see how these sales are being generated. FTBs can't buy, priced out according to stats. Is all very curious.
  8. I did read your post, I understand they pitched for it. I realise they needed in the hurry up, I understand they were keen to do the work. But you could help. You could do your bit to make their life a little easier, keep them from running up their overdraft, which I guarantee they are. Oh you sad, greedy man. And, as it happend, I did rent a property without deposit. So it is possible. It was a mess, so the Landlord agreed no deposit, and no rent for 6 weeks, which I used to pay for a total, if cheap, re-dec. I knew you would try to justify yourself, making me out to be dum
  9. BBB, always had time for you. But this post saddens me. You are letting a couple of carers (ave salary £7 per hour) pay to do up your flat. You are the lowest of the low. You're get out would be, with a winning smile, 'It was their idea!" Yeah right, you selfish money grabber. You are rolling in dosh (if you are to be believed) yet you let a couple of people who scratch a living, compared to you, pay for materials and labour on your property. The very least you could do is provide the materials! You walk away smugly, soothing your conscience by thinking "Well they didn't pay a
  10. Just did a trawl of all my local EA websites, for 1 & 2 beds. 6 months ago there would have been very few that were not 'under offer' or 'sale agreed', but now there are dozens and dozens, and the price range is wildly different, from £200K to £400K (for a 2 bed flat!!!! Yeah rite) There were one or two with 'sale agree' on, but these words were a link, clicking revealed this 'although this property is under offer, the contract is not yet signed, please call the office if you would like to view the property' What is all that about!!
  11. And who said this new forum would eradicate humour, insults, trolls and sponteniety. Hurray!!! Mayhem (and I suspect Uwish in the form of marky smiff) has returned.
  12. Dom, that's just plain silly, I thought this was a serious discussion
  13. What an extremely well considered and excellent idea. It's been a huge success in Zimbabwe. I'm up for it. Now where did I put my Primus?
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