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  1. no crash where I live, a gradual 10% drop, but definitely not a crash
  2. good , lets raise interest rates , for too long now people who have been careful with money and saved have been subsidising people with mortgages which has helped house prices to continue rising . and befor anyone tells me how hard it is out there , well change the record I have seen the shops over xmas and they have been rammed . we need house prices to fall for the sake of future generations and putting interest rates up is the only way
  3. still buying but i do feel gold will slide a little lower , to me nothing has changed with our economy we are still borrowing unrealistic amounts and trouble is ahead so hang on to it for a safe haven
  4. rooms were £80 per day ????????????? i personally have never found a room in london for £80
  5. a fool and his money are soon parted , i too have pointed this out to people with some of them looking at me as if i have 2 heads and for them to say " well other cars have paid and its better to be safe than sorry " crack on lol
  6. a valuable lesson learnt i feel. it just goes to show you can't trust anyone, not even your own family. the way the economy is going i feel he should cut his losses and sell at a loss as this recession has got a long way to go and times will get a lot harder
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