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  1. Perhaps not zero because someone may still have a use for it but Bitcoin could easily become practically worthless for all intents and purposes if it falls out of favour in the future. The whole Bitcoin ponzi scheme relies on sentiment and when that sentiment turns negative I think there will many on here who rue the day they believed in "the Hodl."
  2. Isn't that irrelevant if you cannot use it directly to buy anything in 99% of shops in the world?
  3. You sound like you are losing the plot - so much nonsense you've written there that it's difficult to know where to start 🤣 What's a "world value marker" and why is Bitcoin it? Why would Boomers be broke, presumably they just sell their mortgage-paid-off houses to Bitcoin sellers and downsize pocketing a wad of cash? How is Bitcoin "hard money?" After a decade of being around there is hardly anywhere you can spend it without first converting it into real USD/GBP hard money. How does Bitcoin "return quality in products?" Honestly, your claims are ridiculous.
  4. Right, so not a savings vehicle at all then as jiltedjen claims but actually an investment product in which you could lose the whole lot. Bitcoin has only been around for ten years so to claim "it has never lost money in any 4 year timeframe, ever" is more than a little contrived. Wow, can you predict December 2021's winning lottery numbers too? That's an outrageous claim to make and you cannot possibly know what Bitcoin will be worth in two year's time, for all you know it could be worthless by then. Why hodl? What is the point of it all if the only reason to buy is to hold and hope enough other people do the same to push the price up? You are practically admitting that the whole thing is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme and as with all such things, the people who will lose are those buying now - anyone thinking of buying at the current price needs their head examining.
  5. I disagree about the vote going the other way. The options were leave things as they are or vote for change - leave things as they are didn't require any further action, there was nothing further to discuss, there was no "how are we going to leave things as they are" debate - the country would have just got on with everyday life. Yes there would have been a vocal minority complaining (like the SNP in Scotland) but most people would no longer care. The only reason Indyref2 is a thing again is because of a major change in sentiment (i.e. Brexit) and similarly the only reason EU membership would ever have become a thing again is if the EU had tried something silly like trying to force us to join the Euro - in which case calls for another referendum would be perfectly valid. Similarly I disagree on Brexit already being a disaster - we have wasted years getting absolutely nowhere - we will never get that time back. It is important to reflect that we have not just spent weeks or months but well over three years arguing amongst ourselves and creating ever greater divides - if that's not a disaster for the country then I don't know what is.
  6. Twenty years from now how would anyone be able to say definitively whether Brexit was good or bad? There will be an almost infinite number of variables over the next twenty years that affect the UK and it will be impossible to say what the specific effect of Brexit was over that timeframe. The simple fact is that Brexit has already been a disaster for this country - we've spent over three years arguing over what Brexit means and achieving little else. Brexit uncertainty has been a significant factor in a huge number of people losing their jobs and if the vote had gone the other way the whole fiasco would be several years behind us now.
  7. So basically he was just living beyond his means? Let's be honest, whatever the economy is doing or how well or badly an individual is doing there will always be some people who want stuff today that they can't really afford until tomorrow - for those sort of people it's never going to end well.
  8. That's a pretty appalling use of deliberately sensationalist statistics on tiny numbers. The reality is that Roma migrants since 2014 have accounted for just 0.3% of Oldham's population but of course that statistic doesn't get the blood boiling enough for the ignorant bigots being targeted.
  9. Presumably these are the same people who stand on street corners with "The end is nigh!" signs. Agreed, Bitcoin seems like just another ponzi scheme to me. I don't see the attraction other than to entice people into another "get rich quick" racket. It has been around for years but even now there is hardly anywhere you can spend it and some of the big names where you could spend it have since withdrawn the facility. What does it really offer over non-crypto currencies?
  10. Despite many saying Brexit was going to be great for the UK, I was not at all surprised to see the following quote in the article.
  11. Do you think so? What percentage of the market is people buying second homes each year, I would have thought it was tiny?
  12. Really? I did not know pensioners got a free bus pass and a special store card that allows them to buy all goods and services VAT-free! Fantastic, I can't wait until I reach my 60s now.
  13. We let all these people in (sometimes without even knowing it) and then give them lots of nice benefits, houses, rights etc etc. Do you have any official stats on how many illegal immigrants (i.e. the ones willing to die to get here) are given houses in the UK?
  14. You just cannot be serious? How can people in their twenties have paid "far more in tax" than people in their fifties, sixties or seventies?
  15. That is why 90%+ of my online purchases are from Amazon - most of the reviews are genuine so easy to see which items are quality and if it turns out they are not then you can easily return any "tat for twice the price" and get all your money back.
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