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  1. Hello again everyone, in the end I rented a property on Grange Park. Really liking the area for many reason. Was instantly reassured when I moved in as I got a couple of new home cards from the neighbours which was nice. If Grange Park gets taken out of Caroline Chisholm catchment I'll probably be glad I rented as theres a probability of prices going down. However as of yet, unless someone knows something I don't, its still in the area for the school and the school want to keep it this way. Theres also alot of active residents when it comes to issues like this and I think its possible Grange Park parents will make more noise than some in other areas about this issue, how much difference this makes I don't know. But also I take into account what NorthamptonBear said 'Grange Park always seemed different - more bling, upwardly mobile, optimistic people, less reserved, show off? So a slightly different set of people - less concerned with overpricing, more concerned with status, good times?' This actually makes me think the opposite to you, that a change in the school the children here go to wouldn't have as big an impact on Grange Park as another area where prices are only held up by a well performing school. I could be wrong but thats why i decided to rent!
  2. I think you might be right. I was totally against going into rented at first but as I haven't found what I really want for the right price and my buyers really want to get in asap I think renting for a while maybe a good option. Plus I can rent in an area I think I'd like and see what its really like, and make lower offers on anything I do like as I'll be chain free. Thanks to everyone for your advice and opinions, they all help
  3. Not a troll just thought the topic had moved onto another discussion really. I think we'd all like houses to be cheaper but I'm not sure thats going to happen anytime soon, maybe I'm wrong but honestly I have no idea, even the 'experts' can't agree. I don't want to sell and rent for 10 years and find the market is still the same, maybe it won't be, maybe my husband and I are idiots, but we just want a nice house in a safe area. As I'm selling my current home and relocating the fact all houses are pricey at the moment kind of doesnt matter in my situation as its all relative.
  4. This is the one I've been keeping an eye on, Its dropped twice now in just a few weeks, seems like a very good buy now think I'll have to go back for a 2nd look
  5. hi, it doesnt have to be new build but I do want a detatched which mostly means a new build in the areas we're looking
  6. Hi NorthamptonBear, work is south side of town. Dodgy takeaways i do like a good takeaway lol. I think I may have to be a little more patient and wait for a house to come up in one of the areas suggested here as theres not much spiking my interest at the mo, although our buyers wont wait forever and I really dont want to rent. I was also very interested in http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-22265976.html but I was told by the estate agents that they wouldn't show me round as my budget was 210k. I thought that was stupid because people go over their planned budget often and if I really like it I might stretch abit. Plus it's empty so it's not like we'd be disturbing the vendors. I was quite shocked never been told I can't look at a house before!
  7. I quite like the look of http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-37413950.html I don't like the 'offers over' thing but it could work quite well as it is and has alot of potential with the size of that garage and possibly converting half and building over it. Downside is I feel like your paying for a new kitchen which personally I'd want to rip out. Good location? good price?
  8. Hmm, ok. Maybe a re-think needed on the areas, we don't live in Northampton so we have to go on what people (mostly estate agents)tell us when we ask for a house in a 'nice area'. Also I do check the crime maps, I find them quite useful. Grange Park does come up quite well on the crime maps which is a reason why we are considering it even though we don't need the school. We did have a look at Abington but the choice of detatched houses was limited, I guess the house on Grange Park was the house I liked the most regardless of the area but I don't want to pay top money for whats a desirable area now to loose out in 10 years because it's less popular. Just an observation, it seems people from Northampton don't particually think that much of Grange Park while people coming in from other areas think its great. Fair comment? Possibily because the residents there don't contribute that much to Northampton itself, shop elsewhere, work elsewhere etc?
  9. Thanks Pablopatito thats great info. I did like wootton but we couldnt find anything we liked in our price range (210k for a detatched) that wasnt very close to the phone mast. It really is a nice sized house the only one ive seen better has sold http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-37118045.html?premiumA=true but then that was on at 225k so a fair bit of difference in the price! We don't have kids so aren't directly affected if Caroline Crisholm changed their area however I'm aware that if a large majority of Grange Park kids couldn't get in it would have an affect on prices so its something I like to consider for our investment
  10. thanks for your replies. Brickwall, I know there's been problems at the budgens/ shopping bit and the playgrounds, i didnt think it was too bad though, more anti-social problems than actually fearful crimes, maybe I'm wrong there though? You say all of northampton is abit of a hole but unfortunately I need to be there for work as I dont drive. Are there places that are better than Grange park? I also looked in Moulton, which I thought seemed quite nice, more established but traffic was bad, Wootton, which seemed even more overpriced than Grange Park! and Hunsbury which had some nice some not so nice bits, however I actually felt the draw to the place could also be a downfall, I walked through a few green areas to get from some houses to some shops, it was lovely in the day but not sure Id feel comfortable walking there at night. Housedog, its on for a good price as its been bought as a part-ex by a builder so is priced to just get it off their hands, its only been on a couple of weeks and already reduced 10k, 15k less than other similar properties on the estate. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-33565687.html
  11. I'm interested in a house on grange park, northampton but i'm slightly worried that the high prices here may not hold if the site on Saxon av. gets more built up. More houses would lead to even more overcrowding of the school, docs, dentist etc. industrial/ commercial building may make the area too surrounded but this type of property. Ligitimate concerns or am i worrying for nothing? Seems to be a fair few houses come up on grange park even though its considered a desirable area, why arent people staying, should i be worried? I appreciate answers will be opinions. Thanks
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