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  1. Pick up the phone. Accept the offer. Pray for no gazunder.
  2. Your sentiment harks back to a time when banks treated people fairly. Those times are long gone. I say do everything legally in your power to keep that cash. If you feel guilty about this then donate a grand of it to charity.
  3. s*****yman thought that the article was talking about prices I think .
  4. Jack sparrow every comment I have ever seen you write appears to be ill informed shitepiss*****. Please shut the ****** up.
  5. Uk Retail Sales Up 3.5% Mom That'll be my wife.
  6. What about the old maxim: just post your keys thorugh the lenders letterbox. My point still holds if you were at the point of reposession.
  7. I think it's called "vagrancy". It's a law against making the area look bad.
  8. This is what is happenning to some people who lose their homes: http://www.dailybulletin.com/ci_8277825 Tent city. Says it all.
  9. Bankruptcy also leads to reposession, which seems to be the thing which most debt advice tries to help you avoid at all costs. The consequences of not paying your unsecured debts for the medium/long term future are huge. In the short term you may well keep the wolf from the door, but in the longer term you are screwed. Far better to be reposessed and at least have a large chunk of your unsecured credit paid up.
  10. Exactly - you would probably end up in a much stronger position financially (after the initial pain).
  11. Everywhere I look there is debt advice these days. And all of it says the same thing. Pay your mortgage/rent first, then utilities, then council tax etc, then look at paying your unsecured debt like overdrafts, credit cards, unsecured loans. This advice seems strange to me. Unsecured lending has hugely high IRs (in the range of 15-40% typically). If these are allowed to linger then the individual becomes ever more indebted. The advice seems geared to keeping people in their homes longer. However, if you are so screwed that you have to choose between paying your mortgage or making minimum payment on the credit cards then it's only a matter of time before you are going to get reposessed anyway. In this instance, it is far better for you to pay off your unsecured debts first because the total you will owe will be lower, and in some cases much much lower than your total debt if you elected to ignore the unsecured debt entirely. Or am I talking complete balls?
  12. Estate Agents Regulatory Commity Estage Agency General Certification Level 4H June 17th 2010 Question 1. You are cold calling potential buyers to shift some long-tail box. The buyer on the line tells you that the market is falling. Do you say: A. Well sir I laugh at you and your doom-mongering ways B. That's Nonsense, sir. The BOE is going to lower rates so you'll be OK. C. I know! *SOB* Question 2. A client is in your office yelling that you still haven't shifted his crap-hole of a 2 bedder, even though he has dropped his price 5%. Do you: A. Tell them to please calm down, as the market is slow but there are still idiots, I mean buyers, out there looking for such a superior house B. Tell them that while their house is reasonably priced, they could consider offeres under. C. Lock yourself in the bathroom and rock back and forth until they go away. etc....
  13. I aalways wondered about this. Unsecured lending IRs are usually much higher (typicaly around 15-40%) than mortgage etc. So isn't the clever thing to do to focus on paying these off. Otherwise interest piles up and up and up. (And up.) If you focus on just paying your mortgage you may well end up staying in your house for longer before you are eventually reposessed, but you will have much higher debt levels. I wonder why this advice is given.
  15. Two sales per month per agent 12 months ago!! Av house price £200K. Av fees 2% = 8K per month!!. Not a bad salary methinks.
  16. How do you figure that, landgrabber?
  17. Ah. The myth of rent price inflation.
  18. I have a feeling that they can detect trace emmissions from the screen. All I know is that they were confident of winning the court case.
  19. Although I agree with the sentiment, this is very poor advice. I also ignored the letters, and in the end I got a court summons for non payment of TV license. Although I have no idea of the equipment used, apprently they had sufficient "readings" from some gizmo that they could submit it as evidence in court. I bought a TV license, and they widthdrew the court case.
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