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  1. ***JOB ADVERT**** Spacetime Designer Required Working for large construction firm, must have proven experience fitting Spacewarp 60A switches. Experience with laminate flooring also required. £££'s for the right candidate
  2. Is it wrong to feel happy about my step-sister's husbands BTL business? They have spent the last few years building up a portfolio and doing up places. He's actually a very skilled builder. Always made me feel inadequate that they were raking it in. Now they are worried and have to tighten their belts. Hahahaha! It's terrible, I hate myself.
  3. Nah they're continually looking at ways to fit more rooms into the same floorspace.
  4. This is one hell of a steep decline. Woot! Source bbc.
  5. It appears that some of you have been breaking the first two rules of property bee.
  6. That has got to be the best idea I have heard in ages. Incentivise the feckless to slowly remove themsleves from the gene pool.
  7. Rich people do not need to evade paying taxes, or to commit fraud. They have another force on their side in this war. Trust law. Setting up personal trusts in the UK is THE one way ticket to tax avoidance (note not evasion, which is illegal). The way it works is that you apply to become a beneficiary of a trust. You then pay all your money into it (after a toekn paye contribution), let it sit comfortably for a while, and then on a regular basis, have the cash paid to you in the form of an interest free loan with no repayment terms. This amount is then taxable at BOE base rate. This avoidance technique is used throughout the rich world of the UK by everyone who is anyone. They also use this technique, or a derived one, in order to avoid GCT for their kiddie's inheritance. It's all above board and fully declared to the Revenue, who cannot close this loophole because of UK trust law. There you go...
  8. http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D91LB27O1.htm This will happen here, but with cricket bats.
  9. Christ there are some numpties on that board. It's actually depressing to read posts there. I much prefer our cosy community.
  10. In other news, bears seen deficating in tree filled places.
  11. Cottaging, for the uninitiated http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/cottaging
  12. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jh...7/03/do0301.xml
  13. Welcome to the forum L.I.T.T. So are you telling us that surveying work is thin on the ground in North Wales? Is that around Wrexham by any chance. That place has seen the largest drops in the entire country if I recall correctly.
  14. I love this line: "Many homeowners will be plunged into a borrowing underclass in July when their fixed rate deal comes to an end." Sounds like Moneysupermarket's Louise Cuming has a way with her words.
  15. I stopped reading moneyweek because I kept on ejaculating in my pants every time. Too much bear food and Meryn.
  16. Stop whining, prolies. Get used to it. It's like mugabi, he will be given statesmanship status and will be free to travel and spend his ill gotten gains. This is just the way it works.
  17. They're like bailiffs but more politer like.
  18. I got a letter from hsbc the other day saying that they were happy to extend my current overdraft facility of 1500 another year. Whoopdydoo I thought. Then I noticed that this was subject to a £25 arrangement fee! So I call them up and they said that my overdraft facility was no longer "until futher notice" and now had to be reviewed annually, because I had arranged temporary extension earlier this year (for which I was charged £30 btw). So I told them to ****** right off, and then they back-tracked and refunded me the cash. Cheeky buggers!
  19. HPI has made me turn to drugs and male prostitution.
  20. I saw the sign, and it openned up my mind, I saw the sign.....
  21. Buyer: So how much is this one on for? EA: Price range is £187,500 to £199,950. Buyer: So £187,500 then. EA: Well, it's actually between £187,500 and £199,950 Buyer: So.... EA: For example, you could offer say £195,000 ? Buyer: Err.
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