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  1. I am renting from a builder at the mo. The flat is spotless and lovely. Only downside is that it's almost impossible to keep it that way, and any marks/damage is well easy to spot. It's on the market for 205K, I'm paying 675pcm. Recently they wrote to me offering 20% off the asking price as a goodwill offer if I wanted to take it off their hands.
  2. http://www.theherald.co.uk/news/news/displ...e_in_Europe.php
  3. WHat the hell is a "Jack and Jill bathroom"???
  4. This is how a bank collapse should be handled. Take note, Treasury. Edit: Add comma
  5. Thanks for that WaitingToUpsize, it's nice to have a straight-talk explaination of these things. 14% is truly an outstanding rate so therefore the risk must be large on these things.
  6. Apologies M. Parry! Wasn't ignoring you promise. It stands for Read The Frikkin Article!
  7. Paints such a happy picture of life in the square mile.
  8. http://www.clusterstock.com/2008/7/ready-f...don-professor?D From LSE apprently.
  9. House in question: Nah they're using one of them fancy wide angle lense jobbies.
  10. Sounds a bit like the Chinese pitch: "We'll open a new mine here, build a village next to it, move the workers in, pay them in tokens, build a shop in the village, and allow the miners to only spend their tokens in it." Except that this would be in chinese of course: 我们将开启一个新的矿井在这里,建立一个村它旁边,动议的工人,支付他们在令牌,建立一个店在村里,并允许矿工只花他们的令牌在它
  11. What terms do you think the banks would give a council who is buying up residential property in this market? I am not saying you're wrong, just it's unlikely. Also as far as I was aware the local councils do not borrow money from central gov't.
  12. Easy, just put a load of housing benefited chavs in there, and that will drive the prices of the other luxury flats down to a level FTbs can afford.
  13. Chap at my work, bought properties recently in Hull, Florida, and now looking at Brazil, through Inside Smack and other property clubs. Total denial of the facts. He says he doesn't even read the news anymore as he's personally convinced the property market is a good bet long term. Mentalist. Good job he's loaded - he's going to need it.
  14. Yeah right - I wonder what NCC's budget is for this? Prolly around £3.50 Don't make me laugh.
  15. Can we conclude therefore that 95% of the population have Economic Asperger's then?
  16. Christ there are some numpty comments under that article: "The previous housing market collapse started when the government ended joint mortgage tax relief, the start of this one was the introduction of HIPS. I suspect every housing market collapse is triggered by the meddling of the government of the day. Stephen, St. Ives, England " Jesus wept.
  17. Is that knob Henk Potts still as smug as usual on Nick Ferrari? I'd love to see that man in tears.
  18. http://www.spreadshirt.co.uk Design and order your own tee's.
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