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  1. Hackney was one of the last areas to experience the house price boom. Proces there are nowhere near as high as other parts of london. Even at the Aug07 top, I could buy an ex-la 2 bed 2km from liverpool street for 180K.
  2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7562812.stm Article says that out of 39078 posession orders, 28658 became reposession orders (73%). I wonder how many of those will actually end in reposession.
  3. Director of Place Shaping and Enterprise WTF?
  4. Thing is, a fair AST agreement can benefit landlords too. If long term tennancies are the norm, then thats a huge headache pill for landords. No more 8-month turnarounds.
  5. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7561396.stm No excrement sherlock! But, predictably, no mention of the grossly unfair AST which tips the power scales in the landlords favour. Landlord regulation would never work, because of the volume of cases they would be faced with. I reckon that in at least 20% of tenancies, tennents are regularly stitched up by some spivvy parasite landlord.
  6. I read a new story recently of a Corona driver walking away from a crash which resulted in a 150m plunge off a cliff. Can't remember where.
  7. Surely we want to get the housing market moving again as rapidly as possible! But in a downward direction. You can't have a crash if no-one if buying.
  8. Why would they want to do that? It may put potential buyers off.
  9. I wonder how they assess the rental income of a property to ensure that it is 125% of the mortgage payment? This is the only flaw in Abbey's plan to slowly close out the BTL mortgage book as far as I can see
  10. I think this makes good sense. Bloody northerners can stop whinging about southerners and become one! Oh and we could annexe the north of england and export all the chavs there. Wait.., most of them are already there.
  11. I think Pond is correct. The tactic on this is to market you a property they already have on their books, and hope to hell that once yours is also on the books, you will take a reduced offer on it, hey presto they get double commissions!
  12. I don't think public sector are paid too much. The problem is that under labour the public sector has ballooned about 30% of it's size previous to this.
  13. I think that offering to show people your snake, property or otherwise, is sexual harassment
  14. EA: So chancellor, will you make your stamp duty position clear? Darling: No EA: Wanna buy a house? I got a lovely 3 bed in elephant and castle.
  15. 1992 was a time of almost hysterical optimism about the UK prospects. A new government, with a hip and trendy leader who spoke to us about RESPECT, and bestowed on us the fabulous illusion that the UK no longer needed to MAKE things in order to prosper in the global economy. When Labour won the election, if I recall, there was PARTYING in the the streets! The incremental let-downs which followed chipped slowly away at out optimism, converting it into tired cynicism, but our great leader was propped up by his iron-man chancellor, who by his own admission, had never been that good at maths. Britain has seriously been living in a dream for the past 17 years. Ironically, the labour party's catchphrase in 1992 was: It's time to get Britain working again!
  16. In other news, pope catholic, bears seen deficating in tree filled areas.
  17. I must say I quite like those guys over at landlord zone. They maybe VIs but they do not spin.
  18. Shouldn't try that in too many areas of London if you don't want a stabbin.
  19. Including my own ex-staff, and the thousands they managed to con into buying in the past 24 months. Nice one mate.
  20. What the heck were they? Dolls houses? I thought we had rampant HPI??? I could buy one with me credit card!!
  21. My world is officially richer today, having just learned that the term "cat turding" is valid and legitimate for everyday use. Edit: Damn you RB!!
  22. Nice to see they have allowed a fair and balanced range of comments to be published:
  23. This article on the beeb. It's today too. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/7513563.stm
  24. What in heck's name is an OIEO and what should I do if I see one? Edit: Just realised! Offers In Excess Of.... DOH
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