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  1. Hi MattLG I have tried this a couple of times. The last time was 1 month ago when I offered 120 for a 190K 2 bed house in hackney wick. Somehow I don't think the agent passed my offer onto the vendor. Herein lies the problem - the vendors will be insulated from low offers by the EAs.
  2. All I have after living in London all my life with large outgoings is around £20K's worth of debt. Depressing....
  3. Thanks LL, but I am still hopefull that my dream home will come onto my affordability radar one day...
  4. Thanks PF. Also I have been wondering for a couple of weeks now.... but what the heck is a MEW and is it good or bad??
  5. Oh - actually I didn't realise that STRs were people with their own home, who then sold and are renting now. I thought they were second home buyers. Well, I still think my point is valid, but as you can see from my understanding of STR I am having difficulty picking up the HPC lingo. Still, I'm learning. I would buy because I would just like somewhere nice to live and not have to move every 12 months.
  6. Not really the reason you buy your own house for though is it? If he wanted to live with 3 strangers he could look in the guardian flatshare.
  7. I dunno, but having spent a few weeks reading this forum, I reckon that the FTBs and STRs on this site, while both having a VI in a HPC, have so for different reasons, and it annoys me slightly, like an itch I can't reach. As an FTB myself I am interested in a HPC because I can't afford to buy a nice home. But many STRs can buy, but prefer not too. Believe me if I could buy the perfect home for me I would, and it wouldn't really matter to me if I paid 20-25% more than it was worth for it. So howsabout it ? Any more FTBs wanna bitch about the STRs?
  8. Apparently we insource more than we outsource at the moment: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/4225604.stm This could be because outsourcing of IT services doesn't really work: http://news.zdnet.co.uk/business/managemen...39210799,00.htm But in america tech things are different: http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/12.02/india_pr.html Re you looking for work - there are 49 of well-paid (£300+ per day) contracts postend in the last 7 days on jobserve right now: http://www.jobserve.com/searchresults.aspx...cid=0&x=21&y=10
  9. Has anyone got any figures on actual wages in the UK? Would be interested to know how many people earn < 15k, between 15 - 20k etc
  10. Man, let me know the phone numbers of their accountants! I could do with some of that. I pay the minimum possible legal amount of tax as a self-employed person - total deductions of around 25%. I didn't think it could be lower and still legal...
  11. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/mortgages/hou...page_id=57&ct=5 Up £1500 in one month??? 170,000 sales in one month??? 4% YOY increase??? WTF?? Arrrrrrgh!!! Pullease someone tell me this is not true....
  12. I actually used to work for Essex County Council. I was astounded and appauled at the amount of wasted money, resources, time, and energy which went on there. This would never happen in the private sector, or the companies would go bankrupt very fast. I actually made a choice never to work in the public sector again, simply because I thought I could live with myself better trying to make it in the private workplace, where you are judged based on how good you are, rather than your ability to fill seats.
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