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  1. Sorry I meant commercial road. Doh. Commercial street full of ponces nowadays.
  2. Used to live in tower hamlets myself - just off commercial street. Loved the area.
  3. This. Also, Deos! appears to have a valid point. However, the risk associated with such flipping is very hard to judge.
  4. Why don't we have a market where people could sell options on their house. Then this wouldn't happen.
  5. God I love the picture the beeb include with all their property market spots.
  6. This b0ll0cks is clearly setting the scene for a govenment intervention into the private housing sector. Pathetic.
  7. What an evil look on his little face. Gives me the heebie jeebies. Like watching children of the corn.
  8. Had some exposure to spreadbetting but this was not to my taste. Didn't like the artificial index and the fact that you're generally betting against the house. Has anyone any experience with CFD's? And would they recommend them to someone who can spend an hour a day or so managing their positions? Ta muchly
  9. That and being listed last in any airline directory.
  10. Customer: I want a mortgage but I don't earn enough money. B&B: You've come the right place sir.
  11. Thats nice for you. Again, nice for you. Well I too understand the value of money and look long term, and that's why I'm renting. Thanks for your opinion, but to be honest, I couldn't find much if any value in it.
  12. I guess they are either incredible sales people or incredibly desperate.
  13. Mate, if thats what you and your wife talk about on a pleasant night in, remind me not to come over if you're arguing.
  14. You sound like a barrel of laughs. Get invited to many parties? Edit: No, neither do I..sigh
  15. Know what you mean. However, domain knowledge when you're a techie will set you apart in many industries. Again it's something they can't readily outsource.
  16. There was tons of sharepoint jobs around last year. Everyone and his uncle wanted it. Been a bit quieter recently though. Biztalk market is better, but is a steeper learning curve.
  17. You need to get out of that asp ntier stuff. It's too generic and will be outsourced more and more. If you want to stay MS get the enterprise servers (biztalk, sharepoint, commerce, crm), lotsa xml skills, and WF/WCF. Unless you're a truly gifted gui developer, you will not survive the coming few years.
  18. ...as doubts were cast over the accuracy of the Government's housing figures. In other news, the pope has been found to be catholic.
  19. Let's sing the imagination song! Imaginaa-aa-aa-aa-aa-tion Imaginaa-aa-aa-aa-aa-tion Imaginaa-aa-aa-aa-aa-tion Imaginaa-aa-aa-aa-aa-tion etc..
  20. You may think that, but believe me, there's no accounting for taste. Most brits love the crappy, barely-window'ed piles of dull brick they call home. It's dowright weird. I remember seeing this tv programme where one family swapped with another family in a different country. Some middle class family stayed in a huge, beautiful, unconventionally designed, state of art home in Holland. The mom was like "Oooh I'm not sure about this. Not really what I'm used to".
  21. So-oh-oh, So you think you can tell Letting from sell, Catford from Brick Lane. Can you tell London Fields, From a 2-bed in Camberwell, A studio in Maida Vale, Do you think you can tell. Did they get you to trade Your deposit for, at most, A twenty five year lease, On an above-shops flat in Kensal Green, (At least it's not Penge) Did you exchange A lifetimes toil in the mud For that seems very strange. And how I wish, how I wish you could hear, How Balls Pond Road is the next Plaistow, (Well it will be after about a year), These areas were always unsound, Dealers abound, "you wanna buy some gear?" Wish you were here..... Apologies to Roger Waters.
  22. Rental demand cannot inflate rent prices that much. People are not willing to rent for extortionate amounts, and will not overextend themselves to the same degree as buying a house. Also much rental stock is low cost to the landlord, so they will always be able to undercut the market to get a competitive advantage. Rental prices will stay relatively to wages.
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