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  1. Looks like Icelandic government have noticed the net outflows of cash from their banks: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/moneybox/7652519.stm
  2. Thanks for the info. Interesting that people are short sighted enough to endanger a brittle chain for a measly £2k.
  3. I wonder if a gazundering at a lower link could get passed on all the way up the chain?
  4. Delicious! The thought that the selfish idiots shot themselves in the foot.
  5. Nice one, break out the cristal! Let's paint the town red!
  6. Also rent with two kids. It's fine. Never bought - never will probably, unless houses are two a penny. Editted to add: It's fine, provided you have a good landlord.
  7. Can ye not detect the reek of sarcasm when it fills ye nostrils?
  8. Men may have caused it, but the primary reason they did was to impress the ladies. Therefore women are to blame.
  9. Mate where did you find that cutting? It's obscene!

  10. Well I thought I would try not to give it away that easily. They should announce within a matter of days.
  11. OK I'll give you a hint seeing as you're all obviously so bothered. It begins with K.
  12. Not sure what B&B did with the debt. Maybe they were able to sell it on. Not sure how long this has been in place. I have a feeling a long time. Very subprime I reckon.
  13. One of the largest specialist mortgage providers, which I am not going to name, is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, as a result of B&B's rescue. B&B securitized £125m of this firms mortgages per month, and now they are state owned, that is getting cut off. There is a penalty charge of £5m per month payable by B&B in the event that they do not take buy up the full £125m, but this will not be suffcient to save the firm. I am not able to name this firm, but you are welcome to speculate. I will, however, not be lead.
  14. Just withdrew 23K from icesave into....HBOS. Will try to get it out of there soon.
  15. I care not; Kaupthing Edge saver is higher APR and is fully covered to £35K. I am getting oot of icesave post haste bruv.
  16. It's anecdotal. That means it's one person's view of the London rental market backed up by very recent experience. It says "Anecdotal" above it. If this is not the correct thread for anecdotal stories about the london rental market then I apologise for offending your sense of proprietary. In answer to your queries we were renting a one bed flat for 866pcm. It went back on for the same price yes. And the first people who saw it on Saturday morning (who we showed around), took it immediately. Just sayin.......
  17. Anecdotal We are getting rid of our rented flat in hackney, and moving in with relatives for a while. The flat went on the first viewing, on the day after it was put on the market. I have been doing property searches in central London and at the moment rents are not coming down. They are going up if anything. This is not the result I would have expected, however this is the reality on the ground. Luckily I can stay wiv me bruv down in Brockley. London rental demand is still very high.
  18. With their non-performing tennants still in them, I'd wager.
  19. I put my pants on in the morning the same as you guys, but once my pants are on, I make gold records.

  20. I think this is probably where you're wrong. Much of the property in the US which is being reposessed is currently unsellable at any price.
  21. What a pucker story govnor, it's got everything, muslims, strippers, benefits cheats, muslims, tits, and did I mention muslims.
  22. This means that the seller, who has already cleaned and tidied up for your arrival, will also don a lovely velvet suit to show you around the place.
  23. No they mean that they advise you to view it before putting in your 20% higher than asking price offer, and not just panic and put the offer in before you actually saw the place. After all they wouldn't want you to get your fingers burned.
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