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  1. Not sure where your brother went. Japan used to be hugely expensive, as the yen was strong, and demand for everything was high. 18 years of deflation later, and well, it's a lot cheaper than here. I guess it's relative. I live in central London but my Japanese family (both my direct family, and in-laws) mostly all live in the countryside or small cities. These places are cheap as chips. Clothes, electronics, toys, food, accomodation. All cheaper than London.
  2. Apologies for the puerility - it was the lunchtime beers talking (not that this excuses anything). I am actually very polite. Re japanese other half - well I am half japanese myself. But Japanese people really do go in for sight-seeing in a big way. It's important for them to have seen stuff and taken pictures of it. They honestly did not want to go shopping at all. They don't want to spend their yen here - too expensive. Everything in Japan is cheaper and better quality than here - and yes that includes the women.
  3. They're from Japan where xmas is not celebrated. Oh, and fvck you.
  4. I think you should be more worried about the pent up supply.
  5. There was a scuffle outside Next in Oxford St. Next FFS!!?
  6. Reading too much into it is what we do best. However, you fail to grasp that there is a severe downturn in commercial property.
  7. Based on the timing, and that the crunch didn't effect rates straight away, we should expect MEW to be right down Q4 2007. If it is not then we may need to rethink how the crunch is actually affecting lending.
  8. No there was a limited service apparently. We drove to westminster and parked around there. London was lovely and quiet except for town.
  9. Well I was there. Not to shop, mind you, my inlaws wanted to see the xmas illuminations while they were still up. An innocent (and totally naive) assumption that most people would stay home boxing day and celebrate their time off work with their families led us into one of the worst scenes from hell I have ever witnessed. I cannot emphasize enough the sheer psychopathological madness which we witnessed on regents street. Apart from the tourists (maybe 20% of people) everyone else there was a certified madman who deserved to be slung into a padded cell after a long electroshock therapy session tp play with their own faeces. Have these people got NOTHING ELSE IN THEIR LIVES EXCEPT SHOPPING???
  10. Inflation will murder the USD and ravage the incomes and savings of the American people. We should really feel for their predicament.
  11. Should read: Workers fears over job security have hit a six-month low despite record levels of both employment and unemployment, according to a new report.
  12. If you go to the gym the weight is lost into the air in the form of heat and CO2. If an economy goes to the gym the weight lost is jobs. Unfortunately this will only mean fewer private sector jobs to fund an ever increacing public secotr.
  13. That would so p!ss me off if someone I invested my money in said sorry but blah blah so you can't have your money back. You have to watch while we lose more and more of it until eventually we'll get the recievers in to scavenge whats left and then you'll rue the day you ever darkenned our door. But since it's not hapenning to me I find it quite amusing.
  14. Exactly as hapenned in America in 2005: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chapter_7#Cha...cy_law_revision They saw what was coming and changed the laws. Expect any law changes to be sneaked in before we see widespread problems.
  15. There's so much speculation in this article. Even though it has bearish undertones there is no hint that the author has any idea at all of the bigger picture. Anyhow, what struck me is that 1) They still think that the BOE cut rates by .25 to help the average borrower (HAH what a joke) 2) Somehow, people calling debt charities are concerned about the state of the wider economy (wrong) 3) For every £1m spent on credit cards this month (December) there will only be 1 call to the CCCS - this is wildly optimistic. What is really hapenning is anyone's guess. Unsecured credit is still relatively easy to get, so people will start tapping their unsecured credit lines to pay their mortgages. This could carry on well into the year and perhaps even into 2009. I once ran up 20K unsecured debt over a period of 18 months. It took me well over 5 to pay it off though. Horrible experience. Take heed: many people are not yet stretched enough for the huge distressed selling which is being predicted. Unless people lose their jobs they can supliment their incomes with credit for an extended period of time.
  16. It's hilarious that the CBs are the only ones stupid enough not to see that there is significant default risk attached to any money injected in this fashion.
  17. http://www.columbusdispatch.com/live/conte...J6.html?sid=101 Poor pooches.
  18. Actually it's all part of standard accounting practises mate. They know 31st June doesn't exist.
  19. The lovely Tracy (not real name) at Foxtons Shoreditch called me a few days ago asking me if I had any interest in buying at the moment. I said I would be looking after the crash. She said OK then.
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