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  1. Good stuff. However, can't see the HPC angle in these graphs. Any clues?
  2. If you care about the fabric of society then lots. If you are a miserable flick of cum which hapenned to land between some tramps legs, then not alot.
  3. Whats telling is that he rolls out the 1 in 10 working statistic as if it's a positive for the btl landscape. In fact it's untenable and foolish in many ways.
  4. Exactly. Thats very significant. Also it has confirmed my suspicion that many landlords are simply idle cVnts.
  5. it’s possible the liquidity crunch, which has brought far more expensive mortgages, may yet be contained? Wishful thinking. Let's ask cgnao shall we? Recent figures from A&L show that 1 in 10 landlords is employed so they see their properties as an investment for the future rather than part of their income I take it 9 in 10 are worthless unemployable bastards then.
  6. Holy Jebus. Just imagine having a romantic evening in on that couch.
  7. Wow thats amazing. 100% overvalued. I guess this is an obvious sign that HPs are in a massive bubble.
  8. Said it before, and I'll say it again. Ain't no way in HECK gov's going to back down on this one.
  9. Isn't this a conflict of interest for bloomberg? Independent reporting and all that. That would be like the BBC getting it's funding from... oh wait.
  10. Nice and constructive. I'm sure the OP appreciates your comment.
  11. Why bother saving when: * You can see all the skivers living off the state * Inflation killing you savings * GBP devaluation is making your two weeks in benidorm more expensive * Gov may not leave your pensions alone EDIT: 1000 posts W00T!!!
  12. Once you get out of kensington and chelsea you mean.
  13. Said it before and I'll say it again. I am under no delusions that unsecured credit is overstretched, no matter how much we might want it to be. The time will come, but it's not now in significant numbers. "Sub-prime" credit card providers may well take a hit, but people have not generally exhausted their unsecured credit lines yet. Once they do, then the brown stuff will hit the fan, but I have yet to see evidence of this, i.e. credit card lending in general increasing, as is happening in America right now. Mark my words, people will have to fully tap these unsecured credit lines before we see the mass repos some people on here are talking about.
  14. Pah! Outsourcing to capita is par for the course in lloyds market insurance.
  15. I am WannaBe's mystery EA, so I'm getting a real kick out of these replies.
  16. Well spotted p-o-p. There could be something in it. However I enjoyed STFs posts more.
  17. Let me be the first to congratulate you sir. However, it may or may not be top of the market. I would think not, as prices were generally higher before august.
  18. The gov's below inflation pay offers to unions are non-negotiable. Even widespread strikes will not work. The gov will not budge on this one penny. This is 100% correct guaranteed.
  19. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle3101543.ece Contrary to what some people were saying on here yesterday, no, UKs commercial property market is in fact screwed.
  20. There should be some regulation of interest rates. I am serious.
  21. Are you asking why inflation will kill US incomes/savings or why we should feel sorry for them?
  22. Seems like they already had some pretty good pay rises since last year. Or am I missing something?
  23. Britain facing massive house price crash, warns IMF Love it.
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