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  1. To buy Off-plan you have to be off your head
  2. Britain, a place where you can become more intelligent relative to the average person just by sitting on your bum.
  3. If your loaf of bread costs you £200 and you owe £150000 on your rat infested sh1t3hole then the debt has been eroded against the loaf of bread. So you are wrong.
  4. They know the game's up, they're just trying their darndest to cushion their fall from grace with all their private sector buddies when the tories get in.
  5. Get her pregnant so then her boyfriend will leave her. End of trouble.
  6. Downside is the price on these things will skyrocket.
  7. Raising CC debt can mean 1) Everything is great, people enjoy high wages and employment and are very confident of the future 2) Everything is terrible, people are strapped and are forced to use CC debt to finance their lives. However, it does normally spike up just before a crash, infact it did in the US
  8. Ere ya go: this graph should scare the living sh1t3 out of mortgaged to the hilt houseniks.
  9. Homes under the hammer daytime shows are re-runs often several years old. They never mention dates and times for this reason.
  10. The funny thing about builders is they carry on building even in the current climate of low confidence. This is exactly what happened leading up to the US bust, the builders were still building right up until the end. I guess its because builders, by definition, have to keep building as they don't know anything else. There's loads of new 1-2 bed developments going up in Hackney and Tower Hamlets at the moment, on some very high profile sites, which won't complete till 2009.
  11. Landsbanki's results last week revealed that it now has almost £5bn of UK savers' money - a substantially larger retail franchise than it has in Iceland. Landsbanki's deposit base made it a comparative darling of the sector. But it still posted a 66 per cent fall in fourth-quarter net income. Five billion of GBP peoples savings.
  12. What I meant was that credit risk is probably not the main factor in this. They depend on people living relatively close to the edge of the abyss for most of their profits. According to the comments in the OP article, many people have had their cards withdrawn who have never missed a payment. Likely that they have also never really used the card much and always pay it back without incurring interest. I have two credit cards, and to be honest I wouldn't blame the lenders if they withdrew them. It would be a wise business decision.
  13. Always let people know exactly how idiotic they are being. I recently tried this with my cousin. Her mum is an EA. Silly moo went ahead and bought somewhere in Norwich anyway. They completed in November, and in December crash stories started appearing in the papers. Always try, but don't worry too much if they tell you where to go.
  14. HAH! AHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAAAAAAAGGG! Cough splutter. Don't know why but that line cracked me up.
  15. Headline should read: Banking giant blocks 160,000 customers' credit cards in crackdown on out-of-control debts accounts which are not really that profitable.
  16. Sorry what I meant was that brokerage for e-gold has rocketed! LGE now charge 8% http://www.londongoldexchange.com All the other brokers are quoting between 7.5% and 15% to handle e-gold. I found out why: it's because they are under investigation with the US Govt for suspected criminal activities, so have had some of their gold seized. http://www.e-gold.com/letter3.html What a f*Ker
  17. Here's how YOU can get a perfectly legal payslip on INLAND REVENUE forms, PROVING you earn any amount of money! Quick, get them now, then get down paragon!!! http://www.payslipsp60.co.uk/ Edit: Like this one here:
  18. e-gold's brokerage has gone to 8%!!! What can I do if I want to sell?
  19. Have a look at this: http://www.ukdebtmanagement.org/ So many things are just wrong about this 1) the .org domain, giving them a fluffy image 2) The picture of "Jessica" as being a happy, debt-free, upwardly mobile nympho 3) Their promise that "In fact, with our advice and guidance you could be entirely debt-free in a short amount of time with no further loans." 4) Their consolation that "You are in good company and there are many others in a similar circumstances" I know this has been going on for ages, but this is the first time I have seen it presented so slickly and blatently, and with no mention of the fact that getting your debt written off requires 50% of your debtors to agree.
  20. Loan to value. It's the proportion of the asset price which is borrowed.
  21. You should have cast that old crappy furniture out into the street. Then absconded with the last months rent. I fully intend to stitch my LL up as much as possible. I have been royally done over in the past many many times. Deposit is gone, it's just gone. The reason they are not giving it back is that it's financially unpalatable to them. They're pretty much all the same, and if they got into this game they should expect the worst treatment. It's like becoming a traffic warden or a bailiff. Yes it's a valid career move but don't moan when people call you a c**t and try to twit you one.
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