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  1. No matter how many of these investors deserve to be repeatedly slapped around the head for being so fing stupid, there really is no hell nasty enough for the perpetrators of this scheme.
  2. UNsecured lending is the key. As soon as this outstrips secured lending..... hang onto your hats.
  3. I however, do require pay increases. Private sector pay stood still for the past 5 years.
  4. I think you could legally do it, but in my personal situation I wouldn't dare. My LL is a real east-ender and hard as nails. And he would not let a little thing such as the law from getting in between my head and a cricket bat.
  5. I imagine that squatting will rise as more and more homeless people start appearing. It's going to get baaad
  6. Just the way it should be I might add! A return to the good old days when the riff raff didn't clog the airways like they do now! HURRAH!!
  7. Oh my god all that money I worked so hard for over the last few years, EVAPORATING!!!! It's not fair! How can I keep up with 1200 per week! I made all the right decisions and I used to make lots of cash, which I spent on lots of nice things. Boy will my wife be pissed off. Oh crap what can I do I know I will turf out my current hippy tennants, tidy it up a bit, and rent it out for double. Yes thats it. Genius I'm a frikkin financial genius!!!
  8. Here's an idea. 1) Buy a field without planning permission. 2) Erect a massive, hollowed out haystack. Must just look like a haystack. 3) Build your house inside the haystack. 4) Four years later, tear down the haystack. TA DA!
  9. Do you remember that article in the States where people bought new build houses for about 200K and then the builders couldn't shift the remainder so flogged them for < 100K. The people who bought at the top sure were pissed off.
  10. Sorry FP but not your best performance. You could have really put the boot in.
  11. I am currently working for the firm which generates 20% of all the uk's energy. Just to let you know that all the talk of rising wholesale is balls. We have tons of cash. I mean tons.
  12. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/7401492.stm A new business venture, already underwater...
  13. This guy's hobby is obviously taking it up the a** in public toilets to help deal with the guilt. What a wainker.
  14. If anyone is still interested, now I have concluded my business with them, here is the conclusion to my experiences with Euro Gold Sales. 1) They were not intending to defraud me at any time. 2) Their service was however so utterly useless that I mistook it for an attempt to defraud me. 3) Directly as a result of their incompetence and poor levels of service, I lost around £1100. That is a fact. These guys have no business as an exchange service. I would advise anyone to go elsewhere. I am going to file a complaint with the GDCA and I urge anyone else who has had difficulties dealing with them to do the same. Edit: I would like to add as an afterthought that even though their service levels were appalling, they were always polite and helpful on the phone and over email.
  15. A colleague got many props via inside whack. He got this email today: From: Instant Access Properties [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: 29 April 2008 10:03 To: Matthew Stead Subject: Instant Access Properties Members Note Dear Member, You will have seen all over the press, the impact that the credit crunch is having on businesses. Even prestigious and blue chip companies such as Citibank, Royal Bank of Scotland and Northern Rock are all going through very tough times. Unfortunately Inside Track Seminars is not immune and the directors have been left with no option other than to place Inside Track Seminars under administration. The Directors and Shareholders of Instant Access Properties would like to reassure you that it is ‘business as usual’ for our Members. Instant Access Properties has always been a separate company from Inside Track and whilst not making light of our disappointment, this has given us the opportunity to focus on our Instant Access members and continue to improve the service we offer. Whilst the credit crunch has affected novice investors coming into the property field, it has also presented several exciting opportunities for existing investors. The world has changed and to reflect the times we are launching a new enhanced series of events to reflect a “buyers market”. Exciting new events Four exciting new events are now touring the country - check our website www.iaprops.com to see when an event is near you or give us a call to book as places will be very limited. These events include: International and emerging markets UK & Overseas lettings and property management The Credit Crunch – tax and financing options Advanced Financing Options Saturday 3rd May – Surrey House - International and Emerging Markets Our first new event takes place this weekend at our head office in Kingston. To book your place, please call 0870 042 5545 or book on our website at www.iaprops.com. Places are strictly limited so please book now. We look forward to continuing to provide you with quality investment education and the best UK and overseas properties. Yours sincerely Anthony McKay Group Managing Director
  16. A condition of the loan should also be - none of the money to be spent of first class plane tickets, all banking personnel must travel in the hold and then spend six month in quarantine on arrival.
  17. I have just spoken to them. The issue has been resolved. Thank-you to everyone who commented. Adam Lancs: in the future when you contact people on another's behalf it would be good of you to actually contact the person and ask them if it is OK first. I think it showed very poor judgment on your part to alert them to my posting while I still had business with them.
  18. For those who canna be bothered clicking on the link.
  19. Thanks for the sentiment. I am still trying to get through to them. I will let people here know what the outcome is. It's almost inconceivable that I will be totally ripped off as per the title. TC
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